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What you should know about class action litigation

When large businesses are careless or cut corners, individuals in Nevada may be the ones who pay the price. According to FindLaw, the justice system does provide recourse when many people suffer from the actions of a company.

In these cases, victims may be able to join a class action lawsuit to receive some compensation for damages.

Benefits of class action litigation

One of the benefits of joining this type of litigation is that class action attorneys typically have extensive experience in representing a group of people against a large corporation in complex lawsuits. The fees for attorneys often come out of the settlement and are generally much lower because the cost is shared among all the participants.

As Kiplinger points out, class action litigation rarely goes before a judge. Instead, companies tend to agree to settle with the litigants, although the court must still approve the final settlement.

Factors to consider

Because of the number of people involved in the lawsuit, the individual settlement may not be a large sum of money, and the payout may take months, or even more than a year. Appeals are possible delays, and once the final amount is set, it could take six to nine months to receive a payment.

People who are eligible to join may find that they are automatically included, and must opt out if they do not want to be a part. A person involved in this type of lawsuit cannot file a separate action for the same damages. Class action settlements distribute payout equally, which may be unfair to a person who has suffered greater harm.

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