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Study shows distracted driving is on the rise

A recent study revealed both good and bad news for Nevada motorists. People are more aware than ever of the dangers associated with distracted driving. Unfortunately, individuals continue to engage in behaviors they know to be dangerous. Officials are struggling to find solutions to an epidemic of distracted driving largely fueled by ubiquitous smartphones and exacerbated by traditional distractions, such as eating while driving.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently completed a survey of 2,613 licensed drivers aged 16 and up. Participants were questioned about traffic observations as well as their own driving behaviors. In contrast to a similar study examining accident reports listing distracted driving as official causes of crashes, the AAA study found distracted driving to be increasing. The prior study was conducted by the federal government and was limited to official incident reports, which AAA believes is responsible for the disparity. Investigating officers often have difficulty isolating distractions as the cause of accidents for a variety of reasons that include a lack of candor from those involved.

45% of AAA study participants admitted to texting and driving even though 58% of the respondents consider the behavior to be a serious danger to their well-being. 88% of respondents believe distracted driving is increasing, and over 50% of those who were surveyed claim to have regularly observed other motorists engaged in texting or emailing while driving in traffic. The report recommends putting cellphones out of reach while driving to limit temptations. Also recommended is programming GPS units before entering traffic. Drivers determined to eat on the road should choose easily managed snacks with limited potential for distracting spills or messes.

Distracted driving causes thousands of car accidents every year and generates enormous economic damages in the form of medical bills and lost time from work. Anyone injured due to a negligent driver's failure to focus might benefit from consulting a qualified accident and injury lawyer to ascertain the full extent of the damages and avenues for full and fair compensation.

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