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Reducing construction contract dispute risks

It's standard practice for an attorney to advise all parties involved with a construction project in Nevada to read applicable documents before signing anything. Advancing with building plans without full knowledge of what's in a contract can increase the risk of legal action. A common area of oversight is contract documents incorporated by reference (IBR). These are separate documents referred to in the primary contract but not physically included. Examples are upstream contracts, specifications and safety policies.

Business fraud that targets payroll employees

In a previous post, we discussed common types of payroll fraud occurring from inside a company. Today, we examine a new type of fraudulent activity that actually targets payroll employees. This scam has been making the rounds in recent months, and it’s important for potential victims to be on high alert.

What is double check fraud?

When you hear the term "double check" fraud, you may think it sounds like something that is examined twice. In fact, if you do have two accountants checking the books for your Nevada company, it may be very difficult for either of them to get away with this type of fraud. Forbes magazine explains that it involves writing two checks for a single expense

Types of payroll fraud

You hire people to work in your Nevada business who you believe are the best for the job. However, even the person with the most skill may be the wrong one, and an untrustworthy employee can cost you. At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., our attorneys have experience protecting companies against a variety of payroll fraud practices.

Man attacks NV businesses using ADA standards

Business owners in Nevada have a responsibility to the public to make sure their facilities are accessible to people with disabilities. According to the Department of Justice, the federal law that regulates this is the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Network takes action in sexual harassment cases

To protect their businesses from sexual harassment claims, companies should have policies and procedures in place that directly address the process for handling complaints. From training to a reporting system and investigation protocol, employers must be prepared to actively combat this threat to safety, morale and productivity. 

Understanding deceptive trade practices

Consumers in Nevada should be aware of the concept of deceptive trade practices when purchasing a service or product in the state. Although there are laws in place to help protect the purchaser, the best defense is offense. Knowing common scams and avoiding them is the best way for customers to stay protected. 

What should I do when an employee files a complaint?

When one of the employees at your Nevada business comes forward with a complaint of misconduct, you should be prepared to take it seriously. With a system in place for receiving employee complaints, your workers can avoid feeling intimidated or embarrassed about coming forward with an issue. You should also be prepared to follow through with an investigation so that no employee's rights are violated. 

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