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business formation and planning Archives

Obtaining an SBA loan

Many entrepreneurs in Nevada use federal Small Business Administration loans to get their businesses running. There are few limitations on what type of businesses are eligible to qualify for SBA loans. However, it is important for borrowers to understand how this type of loan works when they apply.

Planning for a successful business merger

Las Vegas companies may have high hopes for the profitability of their enterprises after a merger or an acquisition. However, from 70 to 80 percent of all such projects fail to live up to the anticipated value expected during the process. In most cases, this is not because the acquired firm was overvalued or unexpectedly weak. A poor strategy to integrate a new acquisition can cause businesses to lose out on profits and reaping the full benefits of their mergers. By introducing delays along the way, an unprepared business can sap the momentum spurred on by the acquisition. In order to achieve a successful transaction, advance strategic planning can be essential.

What to know about making a business plan

Anybody who wants to start a business in Nevada or anywhere else will need to have a plan. Even if you don't create a formal or traditional business plan, it is essential to understand what the company has been established to do. It is also important to know how the company's goals will be achieved and what happens if those goals change for any reason.

How small companies can overcome the competition

Nevada entrepreneurs should be wary of larger companies trying to squeeze them out of the marketplace. It is not uncommon for large businesses to have a fear of disruption. Therefore, they may attempt to incorporate changes before their smaller competitors can cause such disruption to happen. However, smaller businesses can win by offering better customer service and targeting niches that mature organizations may not effective in reaching.

What to know about convertible notes

Nevada entrepreneurs who are looking to raise money for their companies may want to consider using convertible notes. Essentially, the note is a debt instrument that converts into an equity share of a company as more money is raised. For business owners, it is a simpler way to raise money because there is less of a need to put a strict valuation on the company. It may also be beneficial from a tax perspective.

Shareholders' agreements among most important corporate documents

Nevada business owners and those who are considering starting a business sometimes have questions about corporate formation documents and their relevance. The most important corporate document in most states is the articles of incorporation. In Nevada, the filing of the articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State is the action that brings the corporate entity into existence. Typically, following the filing of the articles of incorporation, the shareholders or board of directors meet to adopt bylaws, appoint officers and issue stock certificates.

Future looks bright for worker co-ops

Baby boomers own approximately 12 million businesses in the U.S., plenty of which are small companies that help prop up local communities. Many of these small businesses need to prepare for their inevitable fates thanks to the fact that baby boomers are on the cusp of retiring. Lots of Nevada businesses will either have to change hands or close down.

About NDAs

Nevada residents who use a non-disclosure agreement, or an NDA, may be using the legal document for their business dealings in the wrong way. There should be careful consideration given to whether an NDA is necessary, and if it is, whether the NDA that is needed should be a two-way NDA.

Succession concerns for businesses

Business owners in Nevada who are thinking about moving on to the next phase of their lives have many factors to consider before ding so. Based on information from the California Association of Business Brokers, over 12 million businesses are owned by baby boomers who may be ready to transition into retirement.

A business plan can include an exit strategy

Entrepreneurs in Las Vegas starting a new small business may be concerned about how to form the business in order to be appealing to investors. Investors who want to achieve a significant benefit from a new business may be looking toward the exit strategy in order to determine whether an investment is a good fit. For many small business founders, the most common thoughts about an exit strategy can be particularly dramatic: for example, a lucrative buyout from a major tech company or going public on the stock market with an initial public offering (IPO).

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