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Accidents kill more younger people than disease

People in Nevada might be surprised to learn that leading cause of death for many Americans is not heart disease or cancer. In fact, it is not a disease at all. Unintentional injuries cause more deaths for people aged 1 year to 44 years than anything else. According to the Centers for Disease Control, car accidents account for a large portion of those accidental deaths.

The dangers of nighttime driving

Data from the National Safety Council suggests that drivers in Nevada and around the country are three times more likely to crash during the nighttime hours. Experts say that this increased accident risk is largely a result of reduced visibility and glare from oncoming headlights. They also point out that quiet nighttime roads add to the dangers as they encourage drivers to exceed posted speed limits.

Bright sunlight and driving safely

One issue many drivers in Nevada encounter when on the road is driving in bright sunlight. The bright light of a rising or setting sun is a direct cause of many motor vehicle accidents. However, there are some steps drivers can take to drive safety while having to drive in direct sunlight.

Driving safely in winter weather conditions

Motorists in Nevada may not see as much snow as some other parts of the country do during the winter months. Even so, it never hurts to be prepared for changing weather and road conditions. This is why the American Automobile Association (AAA) offers several helpful tips for diligent drivers looking to reduce their personal injury risk when driving in severe conditions that may include slick spots and/or reduced visibility caused by freezing rain, snow, and ice.

Halloween can be a dangerous night for drivers

Halloween can be a fun, exciting time for many people in Nevada. Like other holidays, however, it can also be a particularly dangerous time for motorists. Halloween parties filled with alcohol are common, and revelers can take to the roads even when they are too drunk to drive. This can be an especially dangerous and even deadly combination with the number of trick-or-treating pedestrians also out on Halloween night.

Car accident deaths decline, except in large truck cases

Data reported from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatality Analysis Reporting System indicates that the number of traffic deaths related to most types of vehicles dropped between 2016 and 2017. The only vehicle type that had an increase in the number of traffic fatalities was large trucks. Nevada accident victims might be able to recover for damages.

Drivers may be overestimating car safety tech, says AAA

Nevada drivers with safety tech like blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control may want to ask themselves if they are relying too much on these features. According to a report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, many do not understand the limitations of their car safety tech and thus put a dangerous amount of trust in it.

Car accidents rise 12.3 percent among mobile workers

In its 2018 Distracted Driving Report, the vehicle management and reimbursement platform Motus has linked the increase in smartphone ownership to the rise in auto accidents among the mobile workforce. Nevada residents should be familiar with this trend because mobile workers travel 49 percent more often than any other type of employee in the U.S.

Safe driving tips for the rainy season in Nevada

Hydroplaning is one of the threats that drivers should always watch out for during the rainy season. When the tires encounter more water than they can handle, the water pressure in the front of the tire pushes water underneath, forming a thin layer of water between the tires and road. The tires, in effect, float above the road and thus lose traction. Hydroplaning can cause the car to skid or slide uncontrollably.

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