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Daylight Saving Time may contribute to driver fatigue

A recent AAA study highlights the potential drowsy driving side effects of Daylight Saving Time. By turning their clocks ahead, Nevada motorists could lose some valuable sleeping time. Beyond the risk of falling asleep at the wheel, fatigued drivers also suffer from lower reaction times.

Device could determine if drivers were texting and driving

Although many Nevada drivers are aware that driving and texting is extremely dangerous, some drivers still look at their phone screens when they should be focusing on the road. Distracted drivers are at risk for causing accidents that can result in life-threatening or deadly injuries. However, officers often have difficulty determining if a driver was texting at the time of the crash.

How safety tech can reduce backup collision rates

Drivers in Nevada, as elsewhere in the U.S., may be looking forward to fully automated vehicles, but before that time comes, they may want to consider the safety tech that's available right now. A new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has shown that rear automatic braking systems, for example, can be really effective in preventing backup collisions.

Why today's vehicles may be safe enough

Those who live in Nevada or anywhere else in the United States may have heard about the potential of self-driving cars. However, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to buy one for several years. Therefore, it may be better to focus on what cars can do now to reduce accidents and generally keep everyone safer while on the road. For instance, cars may come with collision avoidance systems.

Remember the deadlines for car accident claims

A car accident is many Nevada drivers' worst nightmare, especially when the crash is medically and personally traumatic. No matter how carefully a driver adheres to the rules of the road, it can be far too easy to fall victim to drunk driving, distracted driving and other negligent or reckless actions on the roadway. Following a car accident, not only does a victim have to deal with urgent needs; there are a number of questions about how to report an accident and how quickly to do so.

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