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Complex Litigation Archives

Using mediation for intellectual property disputes

People facing intellectual property disputes in Nevada may find that mediation is a better method than litigation. The subject matter surrounding IP cases can be technical and challenging to fight, and alternative dispute methods are commonly recommended for both parties.

Class actions over data breach may be successful

The list of companies that have reported customer data breaches is growing, and many consumers in Nevada may be rightly concerned over who has their personal information. Social Security numbers, credit and bank card numbers, birth dates and other information should be kept under the highest security to prevent identity theft. Companies that have been negligent should be held accountable. However, due to the massive numbers of people who have participated in litigation, payouts in the past have frequently been small.

Documentation decisions for startups

While you are in the planning stages of your Nevada business is the time for you to research the legal documents that you will need. At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we have represented many entrepreneurs in negotiations and litigation to correct issues that may have been avoidable with the right documentation.

The basics of intellectual property

In the state of Nevada, intellectual property laws protect certain products of human intellect from being used by others without proper authorization. Because it is not a tangible good, this subject can be a bit confusing to understand. It is a good idea to know what constitutes intellectual property, how to register this property and know how to report related issues. 

The basics of a confidentiality agreement

Employers in Nevada who do not want employees to share certain information with others should consider making them sign a confidentiality agreement. It will be worded differently for each situation, but this agreement basically lays out conditions that employees must comply with as a part of their employment.

Why consider the ICDR’s international dispute resolution clause?

You may be aware of many of the Nevada and United States laws regarding business contracts. However, when you and a foreign company draft a business contract, the potential for issues arising from the other legal system could be problematic. According to the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, to prevent a dispute from landing you in court in another country, you should consider the benefits of an arbitration clause.

What remedies can you seek in a breach of contract case?

When you negotiated the terms of your business contract in Nevada, you probably had specific reasons for compromising on some areas, and holding firm on others. If any of those portions of the legal agreement were not upheld by the other party, it may have hurt your company in a number of ways. According to the University of Nevada Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law, there are several different types of remedies that you may be entitled to in order to correct the damages the breach caused you.

When geography affects your Las Vegas noncompete agreement

It may be inevitable that you entrust your business secrets to employees who work at your Las Vegas company. However, it does not follow that you are at their mercy if they decide to leave. We at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., have advised and assisted many employers who want to use employment contracts to protect their business.

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