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contract disputes Archives

Actor Wil Wheaton files breach of contract lawsuit

Nevada residents may know Wil Wheaton as the actor who played Wesley Crusher in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation" and himself in several episodes of "The Big Bang Theory". The 47-year-old is widely respected in the entertainment industry for his professional approach, which apparently extends to taking legal action when he feels he is not being paid as agreed.

Sports firm wins bitter breach of contract lawsuit

Sports fans in Nevada may be aware that Sports USA is one of the country's leading syndicators of play-by-play radio coverage. The California based-company usually attracts media attention when one of its announcers receives a broadcasting award, but it was its legal exploits that made headlines on July 12. That was the date a Los Angeles jury awarded Sports USA damages of at least $2 million in a breach of contract lawsuit.

Lawsuit against HBO focuses on 1992 contract

When companies and artists in Nevada decide to work together, the terms of a contract govern how the relationship moves forward. However, disputes can arise about a contract later on, especially when terms such as non-disclosure, non-disparagement or non-competition are involved. One example of such a dispute is being played out between the estate of late singer Michael Jackson and TV network HBO. Jackson's estate sued HBO for $100 million after the cable channel aired a documentary entitled "Leaving Neverland," which focuses on allegations of child abuse and pedophilia against the performer. The documentary focuses on the stories of two men who say they were abused by Jackson during his life.

Latin star and record label in contract dispute

Even well-known celebrities with major Las Vegas shows can run into serious problems with their contracts. In one case, Mexican-American performer Gerardo Ortiz filed a lawsuit against Del Records, his previous record label. The singer says that the company breached its contract with him, misappropriated his likeness and committed fraud when it was responsible for publishing his material and serving as his personal representative. The suit came as a counter-claim to another complaint filed by Del Records against Ortiz.

Not all NDAs are enforceable

Contracts are often the lifeblood of a business. This has become especially true as the nature of business in Nevada has become more complex with issues such as digital transactions and international commerce. Well-crafted business contracts are primarily designed to keep a company rolling with a minimum of disruption. How effective a contract will be, however, depends largely on how well the actual language of the contract anticipates the real world situation and whether any existing law or precedence addresses the specific matter.

Legally addressing and resolving breach of contract disputes

Most Nevadans entering into a legal binding contract expect the other parties involved to honorably uphold their end of the agreement. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. If the terms of a contract aren't upheld for one reason or another, it could be a breach of contract. What establishes a breach of contract will depend on how the document is worded and what was agreed to by the relevant parties.

Pros and cons of lump-sum construction contracts

Construction contracts for Nevada projects can be more complex than they seem, especially when something goes wrong as part of the process. One of the most commonly-used types is the lump sum contract. They may include some kinds of contingencies or allowances, but they generally include a payment of one lump sum for one completed scope of work. While these contracts may seem simple at first glance, complications can develop later on.

"Grudge" film gives rise to contract dispute

Nevada movie fans may be looking forward to the American remake of "The Grudge", but the film's progress has hit a snag. The producer of the Japanese "Grudge" original, Taka Ichise, filed a lawsuit for breach of contract on July 30, alleging that the producers of the new film did not allow him to play a production role. The lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court alleges that the American producers, Good Universe, violated their agreement with Ichise.

Resolving construction disputes

When a dispute arises between a Nevada construction company and its client, figuring out a workable solution can be difficult. Both parties can suffer financially from an ongoing disagreement, especially when a lawsuit is involved. The optimal strategy for this situation is to prevent it from happening in the first place, but having remedies available when a dispute does arise is important.

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