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Posts tagged "personal injury"

Understanding uninsured and underinsured coverage

If you drive a vehicle, you know that you need to have insurance or suffer a heavy fine if you are caught. Every state, including Nevada, requires drivers to carry at least liability insurance. What happens if you are in an accident and the other person doesn’t have insurance or is not adequately covered to pay for your medical expenses? To avoid this possibility, states Allstate, you may want to look into uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we deal with insurance companies every day and we understand the importance of having enough coverage.

Construction industry takes title as most dangerous profession

People who work in the construction workforce may be taken for granted by those who don't know just how dangerous this industry is. Every day, thousands of construction workers in Las Vegas put their lives on the line to improve roadways, construct buildings and perform maintenance work all over the city. There are a multitude of industry standards to protect construction workers from being injured or killed on the job, but sometimes these standards are not enforced for a variety of reasons. Other employees may fail to observe safety rules, or the construction company itself might not educate its workers on the proper way to avoid serious accidents and, consequently, a personal injury lawsuit.

What are personal injury claims?

Mishaps are common in Las Vegas, and throughout Nevada. Although they occur relatively often, the aftermath can be painful and confusing for those involved. Whether a motor vehicle collision, slip or fall, or some other type of accident, people may sustain a range of damages. People who have experienced such situations may consider taking legal action. In order to ensure their rights are upheld, it behooves accident victims to have an understanding of personal injury claims.

Las Vegas pedestrian killed in car crash

Car accidents are not just a concern for those who are in vehicles. Dangerous drivers can cause accidents that hurt people who are just crossing the street or standing on a sidewalk. If a Las Vegas pedestrian is killed in such an accident, that person’s relatives may have the right to pursue civil litigation. Taking such a step may result in compensation that can help to cover funeral expenses, medical costs and lost wages. In addition, these lawsuits may address the emotional losses incurred by an untimely and preventable death.

Understanding the impact of traumatic brain injury

Accidents occur on Nevada roads every day. Fortunately, many of these do not result in substantial harm. Serious collisions, however, can leave victims with irreparable injuries. At the Aldrich Law Firm, we understand how hard it is to cope with serious medical conditions after a crash. Traumatic brain injuries, for example, often leave victims and their families in crippling debt and with severe emotional scars.  

2 Las Vegas teens killed; families ask for help with expenses

Fatal car accidents in Las Vegas are often tragic. This is especially true when the victims were young and the collision could have been easily prevented. When such victims come from low-income families, funeral expenses and other accident-related costs may be significant financial burdens. In some cases, these families ask for the community’s help.

Determining whether evidence is relevant

In many Nevada personal injury cases, the rules of evidence can have a substantial impact on a court’s final decision. The relevancy of evidence is an issue that is commonly debated in court, and both the Federal Rules of Evidence and Nevada state statutes address this topic specifically.  

Nevada Highway Patrol seeks public’s help in hit-and-run case

Hit-and-run accidents can leave serious personal injury, property damage and emotional turmoil in their wakes. Because of this, Nevada law enforcement officials work hard to identify and locate the drivers responsible for these collisions. Often, authorities will ask for the public’s assistance in these efforts.

Fatal Las Vegas car accident caused by DUI driver

For most Las Vegas residents, engaging with public roadways is often an unavoidable part of life. Because of this, those who choose to drink and drive place not only other drivers in danger, but also anyone who has the misfortune of being nearby. When DUI drivers cause serious accidents that impact people who were on the sidewalk or engaged in roadside work, the victims may try to gain compensation via civil litigation.

Las Vegas woman killed in 9-vehicle crash

As a large U.S. city, Las Vegas has several major roadways crossing through or near it. These highways and interstates are a vital part of the local economy, as they allow for quick and efficient transportation. However, they can also be quite dangerous, as the sheer number of vehicles on these roads can quickly escalate one person’s driving error into a significant, multi-vehicle crash. When this occurs, the victims of these accidents may choose to pursue civil litigation.

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