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Posts tagged "business litigation"

Lawsuits filed after "Fight of the Century"

Whether consumers are buying a product or tuning in to a sporting event, they expect a fair deal for their money. When those they are purchasing a product or service from fail to uphold their end of the bargain, business litigation can result. This appears to have been the case over the much-anticipated “Fight of the Century” between professional boxing champions Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, which took place in Las Vegas on May 2, 2015.

Non-compete agreements should not limit your future job options

There is a great deal of competition in many industries today, especially when it comes to highly specialized or technical jobs. Many Las Vegas companies include non-compete agreements in their employment contracts as a way to keep competing markets from undercutting their profits. However, at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we understand that these types of agreements can result in employment lawsuits. If you have signed or are considering signing a contract with a non-compete clause, you should understand which terms are fair to avoid the possibility of contract litigation in the future.

The pros and cons of protecting an invention as a trade secret

New inventions have served as the foundations of countless successful businesses, both in Las Vegas and throughout the country. Many executives who are charged with protecting these inventions may be drawn to trade secret classification, as this category of intellectual property protection is very accessible. However, trade secrets also have disadvantages, and corporate management may want to consider these before committing to any final decisions.

General partnerships: Easily created, but carry high liability

According to the most recent statistical information from the Internal Revenue Service, there are nearly 600,000 general partnerships in the United States. Las Vegas entrepreneurs who would like to structure their business ventures as general partnerships, however, should consider not only the benefits of this type of organization, but also its accompanying potential liabilities.

Las Vegas casino in international intellectual property dispute

When most people think of intellectual property, they likely think of patents and copyrights. However, trademark infringement is also a major intellectual property concern, as a great deal of damage can occur if a company’s name or brand image is misappropriated. For this reason, many Las Vegas companies find it essential to guard against unlawful use of their trademarks.

Construction litigation ensues over allegedly unpaid bill

A lot of cities across the country are experiencing rapid growth, and Las Vegas is no exception. These large-scale projects bring welcome economic boons, but they can also incur complicated legal disputes. In some instances, litigation may be required to resolve these issues.

GM first carmaker to have safety issues overseen by government

Las Vegas residents trust their safety to the vehicles around them on a daily basis; they drive, ride in public transportation, and navigate around cars as they walk along roadways. Because of this, a great deal of pressure is placed on car manufacturers to ensure that their vehicles are safe for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. When this trust is breached, these companies can face federal fines, severe court-ordered punishments, business litigation and criminal lawsuits.

Employment litigation plaintiff wants to see tech giants in court

Many Las Vegas companies have faced business litigation at some point in their histories. Such lawsuits can be very burdensome for corporations, as they divert resources away from the everyday needs of the business. Often, the parties involved prefer to shorten the amount of time needed to resolve the issue by opting for a settlement instead of a trial. However, if settlement talks break down or the proposed amount is considered too paltry, plaintiffs may abandon these negotiation efforts and choose to pursue their claims in court.

Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe embroiled in employment litigation

Large companies often find themselves facing various types of business litigation, and those headquartered in Las Vegas are no exception. Regardless of whether these claims have merit, a court case can sometimes be damaging to the company’s public image because of the evidence that can come to light during a trial. When workers decide to pursue employment litigation against their current or former employers, the companies may choose to settle these claims rather than have them aired in court.

Herbalife accused of fraud and operating a pyramid scheme

Many companies’ corporate headquarters are located in Las Vegas, and these offices are responsible for the oversight of national and international branches of the business. When it is suspected that large companies such as these are conducting themselves in an illegal fashion, the management teams and their business practices may come under investigation. If it is discovered that these corporations were in fact engaging in business fraud, deceptive trade practices or other unlawful activity, severe penalties may result.

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