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Posts tagged "class action lawsuit"

Bank settles investors' class-action suit for $730 million

In some situations, a Nevada business may decide to settle major litigation against it rather than go to trial, even if the business is confident that it is in the right. Even if a business believes it would prevail in court, the potential expense of continuing the litigation could make that a less-than-great business decision. That is what Citigroup is saying is the reasoning behind its decision to settle a class-action lawsuit for $730 million on March 18.

Class action suit filed by passengers of disabled Carnival cruise

Readers in Southern Nevada likely followed the story of the Carnival cruise ship Triumph, which suffered engine failure in the Gulf of Mexico and was adrift for five days before being dragged to shore on Feb. 15. Passengers on the Triumph reported clogged bathrooms and lack of hot food during their ordeal. Now a couple who were passengers on the ship has filed class action litigation against Carnival Corporation, accusing company employees of negligently allowing the incident to happen.

Instagram photo use flap leads to class action lawsuit

Readers in Nevada may have heard that Instagram, the online photo sharing service, may have heard that the company recently changed its terms of service. Many users believed at the time that the changes mean that Facebook, Instagram's parent company, will begin using people's pictures in advertising without getting their permission or compensating them. Instagram has denied that it will sell photos to advertising companies, but the controversy has already led to civil litigation filed by a user.

Class action lawsuit says that landfill is dousing residents in stench

Readers in Las Vegas may be interested to hear about a new class action lawsuit filed on behalf of several residents of another state. The residents say that they are sick of the terrible stench emanating from an area landfill and its operators' lack of action to control it. There have been about 3,000 complaints about the smell coming from the landfill and into nearby neighborhoods, and although only six people have signed onto the lawsuit so far, it is likely that the eligible class in this civil litigation will include many more residents.

Mafia museum founder hit with class action by investors

Readers in Las Vegas may have heard of the Las Vegas Mob Experience, a museum dedicated to the Mafia that opened at the Tropicana resort-casino in March 2011. The museum, which cost $25 million to open, wound up in bankruptcy and is now operating at the Mob Attraction under new ownership. Now the former owner of the attraction is facing several lawsuits from investors accusing him of fraud and theft of company funds.

Hospital workers file class action over lunch break deductions

Three employees of University Medical Center of Southern Nevada have filed a class action lawsuit against the hospital for what they say were illegal deductions from their pay. The plaintiffs, who say their suit was filed on behalf of "at least 50" other UMC employees, allege that hospital management forced them to work through lunch while not paying them for the resulting overtime.

Nevada-based online shoe company sued over leak of personal data

Days after Internet retailer Zappos.com announced that hackers had accessed the personal data of millions of its customers, one customer has filed a potential class-action lawsuit against the corporation and its parent company, Amazon.com. The litigation claims that the security leak potentially could cause economic and emotional harm to the plaintiff and other customers whose phone numbers and email addresses were accessed in the cyber attack.

Supreme Court rules in favor of Wal-Mart in sex discrimination case

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a giant class-action sex discrimination lawsuit cannot proceed against Wal-Mart. The largest private employer in the U.S. could have been held liable for billions in damages if the lawsuit had been allowed to proceed and the plaintiffs had won.

Wal-Mart settles EEOC ethnic discrimination lawsuit

Wal-Mart Stores Inc is the world's largest retailer. The company seems to face constant ongoing commercial litigation involving various issues at varying degrees of complexity. As the world's largest private employer, Wal-Mart also faces many employment lawsuits, including claims of discrimination. The continual routine or ground-breaking cases against the company help to shape business and employment law.

More class actions could result from new ADA regulations

The Americans with Disabilities Act was expanded in 2008 with amendments that were added in order to overturn U.S. Supreme Court decisions that interpreted the ADA narrowly. The final version of the expanded ADA was made final at the end of March with interpretations to the amendments. The expanded law includes more conditions that will "virtually always" be considered a disability under the law, according to the American Bar Association Journal's law blog.

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