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Lawsuits filed after "Fight of the Century"

Whether consumers are buying a product or tuning in to a sporting event, they expect a fair deal for their money. When those they are purchasing a product or service from fail to uphold their end of the bargain, business litigation can result. This appears to have been the case over the much-anticipated “Fight of the Century” between professional boxing champions Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, which took place in Las Vegas on May 2, 2015.

Las Vegas Hotel and Casino faces copyright infringement suit

Many Las Vegas casinos offer world-renowned musicals, magic shows, concerts and other stage performances. The development and production of these shows often involve multiple business contracts addressing various legal issues, including employment terms, the assignment of intellectual property rights and royalty payment structures. When a problem arises in any one of these legal areas, litigation may result.

Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe embroiled in employment litigation

Large companies often find themselves facing various types of business litigation, and those headquartered in Las Vegas are no exception. Regardless of whether these claims have merit, a court case can sometimes be damaging to the company’s public image because of the evidence that can come to light during a trial. When workers decide to pursue employment litigation against their current or former employers, the companies may choose to settle these claims rather than have them aired in court.

Herbalife accused of fraud and operating a pyramid scheme

Many companies’ corporate headquarters are located in Las Vegas, and these offices are responsible for the oversight of national and international branches of the business. When it is suspected that large companies such as these are conducting themselves in an illegal fashion, the management teams and their business practices may come under investigation. If it is discovered that these corporations were in fact engaging in business fraud, deceptive trade practices or other unlawful activity, severe penalties may result.

Citigroup involved in $400 million Mexican banking fraud

While Las Vegas’ reputation in popular culture paints it as a city devoted to its tourism industry, in reality it also hosts numerous large companies, many of which have established global presences. When international business disputes arise, they can stir up complicated issues for American companies, particularly if they are already dealing with regulatory or management issues in their home offices.

Many security-sensitive companies wary of trendy cloud tools

When a national company accidentally leaks public information, it can cause a great deal of concern for Las Vegas residents. This is why information security is a top priority for many corporations, and why so many of them are careful when it comes to selecting technological tools for sharing data internally. If these businesses do not take these decisions seriously, they may face commercial litigation for any resulting security breaches.

Understanding the enforceability of non-compete agreements

The need to hire and retain strong-performing employees is legitimate for Las Vegas area employers. The right workforce directly contributes to the success of a company. Similarly, problems with employees—either current or former—can negatively impact a company’s success. Such problems range dramatically and can relate to a contract dispute, unfair competition, fraud and more. Employer representation in employee complaints like these is important to protect the company’s ability to conduct its business.
Many employers request that some employees sign non-compete agreements. These contracts are intended to prevent an employee from going into direct, unfair competition with a company after leaving employment there. While the goal of these documents is to protect employers, many times such agreements are not upheld by courts. A recent news article provided guidance to companies to increase the rate of enforcement.

Nevada health website delays disputed

When businesses engage in contractual relationships, the potential for problems down the road always exist. Nevada companies both big and small can attest to challenges they experience when facing a business dispute. In some situations, the problem is easily identifiable. Other times, however, the crux of the problem is not as clear-cut. Whether the issue involves a domestic or foreign company, fraud, product liability, breach of contract or more, the need for help is real.

Tech giants take aim at patent-licensing firms

Nevada is home to a number of companies with presence in the national and global markets. Sometimes, these businesses become involved in complex legal issues with major companies, who are pursuing legal strategies that are part of a larger corporate goal. This type of commercial litigation can often be quite complicated, and may take several years to fully resolve.

Target breach brings security standards under scrutiny

The prospect of identity theft is scary, in part because it uses victims’ own personal information against them. As a result of the public’s increasing awareness of this risk, people in Las Vegas and around the country have become much more cautious about safeguarding their identifying data, but are willing to providing it to trustworthy companies such as established national chains. However, as was seen in Target’s recent security breach, sometimes a retailer can unwittingly release its customers’ information. Such incidents, and their resulting commercial litigation, can sometimes spur a review of standard security practices.

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