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Posts tagged "patent infrigement"

Tech company loses $1.17B patent infringement trial

Patent infringement litigation in Nevada and across the U.S. can lead to huge verdicts. In a recent example, Marvell Technology Group Ltd., a manufacturer of microchips, was recently ordered to pay $1.17 billion in damages to a university for violating the university's technology patents. However, the company has vowed to either get the guilty verdict overturned or appeal.

Patent lawsuits filed against Google, Apple in Nevada court

A company that is moving its headquarters to Nevada apparently is transitioning to a business plan that primarily involves suing major corporations for alleged patent infringements. Software and telecom giants Google and Apple are among the first targets of this company's new strategy. They have been sued in Nevada federal court and each accused of violating 10 patents belonging to the plaintiff.

$1B verdict against Samsung could affect Android phone users

A patent infringement lawsuit between rival mobile device programmers Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. ended on Aug. 26 with a jury decision that Samsung's cell phones and other products used Apple technology without permission. The jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1 billion in damages. More importantly, the verdict could mean that users of products that use the Android operating system will face either limited features or increased prices in the future.

International casino machine dispute reaches Las Vegas court

A new lawsuit alleging fraud and unfair competition in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas involves two baccarat machine makers involves a local company and a Canadian competitor who got into a dispute at a trade show in China. In this international legal dispute, Las Vegas-based Shuffle Master Inc. is accused of spreading misinformation about LT Game International Ltd. to local casinos to hurt the latter company's sales after the confrontation.

Facebook purchases 750 patents from IBM after Yahoo lawsuit

As it prepares for a lawsuit from a fellow Internet giant, social media company Facebook has bought 750 patents from IBM for a range of tech-related products. The purchase is part of a strategy to increase the company's intellectual property and build up its bargaining power in the suit, which was filed by search engine company Yahoo. The price of the patents is not known.

Oracle suing Google for patent infringement

Oracle is currently suing Google for infringement of patents over Google's Android smartphone. Oracle claims in its lawsuit that the Android operating system was created by infringing on patents that Oracle owns from its purchase of Sun Microsystems. In the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Oracle claims that it owns the Java programming tools that Google used in the Android.

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