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Good People Deserve Good Lawyers. ®

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We provide individuals and businesses the qualified representation they need and deserve.


We represent businesses and individuals in a variety of civil and commercial disputes including contracts, construction, insurance, trade secrets, employment and partnership law.

Personal Injury

Personal InjuryWe assist injured individuals seeking to take legal action to reclaim their lives when they’ve been hurt in an accident that is the result of someone else’s negligence.

Post-Trial Motions and Appeals
Post-trial Motions & Appeals

We help individuals and businesses dissatisfied with the outcome of their civil, commercial or criminal trial, try to improve their situation using motions and via appeals.

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The Las Vegas Business and Civil Litigation Lawyers of the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd.

We offer the kind of legal leadership that gets results in practice areas of:

  • Business and commercial litigation: breach of contract or breach of fiduciary duty, employment law, partnership law and theft or misuse of trade secrets
  • Personal injury litigation: auto accidents, truck accidents, slip and falls, work injuries/workers’ compensation, dog bites, or traumatic brain injuries
  • Real estate/civil litigation: quiet title actions, landlord-tenant and estates or probate issues
  • Insurance litigation: professional malpractice, insurance bad faith claims and personal injury claims
  • Post-trial motions and appeals: judgments, amendments of judgment, amend findings, motion for new trial and civil or criminal appeals

If your litigation or post-trial priorities take your Nevada company or family into neighboring Idaho or Utah, our lawyers are licensed to practice in those states as well.

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