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Good People Deserve Good Lawyers. ®

Las Vegas Appellate Court Attorneys Who Work Hard For The Outcome You Need

Hard-fought civil or commercial litigation can often produce mixed results. Often there is no clear-cut winner or loser.

But a trial verdict does not necessarily mean that a case has definitively concluded. With any combination of hard work by an experienced post-trial attorney, fresh findings, new evidence and a persuasive presentation, an outcome that was negative for you could be improved by a motion or reversed on appeal.

You should speak with the dedicated litigation lawyers at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd. in Las Vegas. Our attorneys have been a fixture in Nevada state and federal courts for more than 10 years. We know how cases are adjudicated and resolved in courtrooms. We know how the legal process can sometimes be undermined. We know how to thoughtfully formulate, research, write and present an appeal.

Most importantly, we know how to get results.

At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we listen carefully to your account of where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go with your legal goals. Contact our post-trial motion and appeals lawyers today for an initial consultation. Call toll free: 702-583-6748.

For Post-Trial Motions and Persuasive Presentation on Appeal, Look to the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd. in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our skilled lawyers assist private citizens, business owners and families with post-trial legal services and strategies such as:

  • Motion for new trial
  • Motion for judgment
  • Motion to amend judgment
  • Motion to amend findings
  • Motion for attorney fees
  • Civil, commercial or criminal appellate legal matters

Regardless of what brought you to a Nevada court in the first place — a personal injury claim, business dispute, workplace accident, landlord-tenant issue, probate disagreement or product liability case — if your original outcome was not fair to you, you should consider filing a post-trial motion or appeal through the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd.

Let’s discuss your grounds for a civil, commercial or criminal law appeal. We have honest answers to your questions and realistic assessments of your chances for success.

Contact us in Las Vegas today for an initial consultation.

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