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Helping Injured Individuals Navigate Premises Liability Lawsuits

There is an expectation that most have when they visit the property of another that conditions found on that property will not lead to injuries. Unfortunately this is not always the case and people are hurt. Whether you were hurt on property owned by an individual or a business, located in Las Vegas, Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., can help you recover what you deserve.

We Take on Local Hotels

Each year people from all over the country come to Las Vegas for vacation. Many stay in hotels built and maintained specifically to provide these individuals the trip that they so want and desire. When the property is not maintained the way it should be and you are hurt as a result, what is supposed to be a fun getaway can quickly turn into a nightmare, and if your injuries are serious, life may never be the same.

We are well-versed in the area of premises liability and our attorneys know what it takes to go up against these hotels. Whether you tripped and fell on a piece of carpet on a hotel floor, slipped and fell on a wet surface, or were hurt due to another reason such as inadequate security, we can help. We also guide injured individuals through lawsuits filed against other entities for these reasons, including stores.

We Help People Hurt on Other Types of Property as Well

Sometimes people are injured while visiting individuals. While it is possible in these situations too that the injuries could be the result of a trip and fall, other times, someone could be hurt as a result of other things on the property such as dogs. When dogs attack, they can inflict catastrophic harm leading to both physical and emotional pain.

Learn How We Can Help You

If you find that you have been hurt due to the fault of a property owner or the person responsible for caring for the property, you may have legal options. Contact Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., online or at 702-583-6748 to schedule a free consultation to learn how a Nevada lawyer might help you.

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Personal Injury

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