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Good People Deserve Good Lawyers. ®

Protecting Your Business’s Employment Interests In Nevada Courts

The reasons that your Nevada business continues to succeed, despite our state and national economic downturn, are that you worked hard to build your company, played by the rules, marketed cleverly, invested wisely and expanded judiciously.

Above all, you treated fairly those who have worked for you.

When a disgruntled employee lodges a discrimination, wrongful termination or hostile work environment complaint against you — one that could develop into full-blown employment litigation — you need aggressive protection of your rights in all pre-trial negotiations, and in the courtroom.

The experienced Las Vegas attorneys of the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd. can help. We have served employers in Clark County and Southern Nevada for more than 10 years. We listen carefully to your story. We share your goals. We convey your side of the story to judge and jury in no uncertain terms.

Most importantly, we get results. Our founder John P. Aldrich leads a distinguished legal team that investigates thoroughly, arbitrates and negotiates forcefully, and litigates with authority.

Don’t allow a frivolous claim of harassment or family medical leave denial to disrupt the momentum of your hospitality, hotel casino, retail, construction, office or factory business. Let the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd. act now to safeguard your rights and reputation.

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Are You Being Threatened With Employment Discrimination or FMLA Litigation?

The Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd. defends employers, managers and supervisors who face allegations of:

  • Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, sexual persuasion, national origin, disability or pregnancy
  • Sexual harassment
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Wage-hour or overtime issues
  • Family Medical Leave Act delays or denials
  • Disability accommodation
  • Wrongful termination
  • Whistleblower retaliation
  • Breach of employment contract

You can trust our years of service, knowledge of the justice system and keen client commitment to give your case its best chance of success. The Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd. serves clients in Greater Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and many other cities in Clark County, surrounding areas and Southern Nevada.

Las Vegas Employment Litigation Lawyers With Years of Experience

Contact the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd. and speak with us about your employment law difficulties. Our toll-free phone number is 702-583-6748.