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Business owners need to consider labor laws before hiring workers

If your new business is ready to start hiring employees, it may mean you’re off to a good start and busy, which is a great thing. If this is the case, you are probably excited about hiring employees to take on some of the workload. Keep in mind, there is a lot to consider before you make that first hire. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you are following all federal labor laws and Nevada labor laws. In addition, it is best to put together and lay out all employee and workplace policies before hiring workers. Both of these steps will better protect your business.

A recent article by Associated Press Business Writer Joyce M. Rosenberg discusses some of these factors that new employers need to consider. She writes that one of the first things to think about is how to manage expectations. It is good to keep in mind that your employees are there to help you with the business you are passionate about, and it is good to lay out appropriate expectations for the time employees spend on their jobs.

Before interviewing people, a job description should be written down and an employee handbook should be put together. In addition, any necessary employment contracts regarding confidentiality, intellectual property or trade secrets, such as non-disclosure agreements should be put together.

Before hiring people, it is important that you have complied with federal and state labor laws. For example, you need to provide I-9 forms to the government to prove that your employees are able to legally work in the U.S. All tax forms must also be filled out and submitted.


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