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December 2013 Archives

Online review caused breach of sales contract claims

Along with the advent of the Internet came with it changes in social interactions, access to information and the way that we shop. Before a Las Vegas consumer puts a product in their virtual checkout, many will peruse customer online reviews to gain indispensable feedback regarding the item and the seller. Online retailers depend on positive reviews to better ensure that their business is successful. One strongly worded evaluation that gets enough attention can cause a blow to any business. Some organizations use these reviews to streamline their processes, while others have been known to use them to get financial gain.

FTC warns that online overstock scams are prevalent

While the end of the year has always been known as the season of giving, the close of 2013 seems to have become the season of online scams. Las Vegas consumers who are not diligent in their research of a virtual retailer prior to making a purchase may end up being the victim of a rip-off scheme.

Man allegedly fakes accident and files a personal injury suit

Every year millions of dollars are spent paying for medical bills following an accident. Premise liability cases in Las Vegas are a very real issue that affects both the health and financial wellbeing of individuals every day. Yet, there are some people who take advantage of the judicial system meant to support those who have been injured; in hopes of gaining big money with little effort, some use civil litigation as a means to line their pocketbooks.

Contractor loses civil appeals suit against school district

Business relationships are some of the most important, and they are also some of the most difficult. In many aspects, a Las Vegas organization that wants to acquire a new contract must woo a prospective client, put their best foot forward at all times and bowl over the competition. However, just like with any relationship, you occasionally encounter someone who is not in it for the right reasons.

Man sues hospital over inflated ER rates for uninsured

One of the great concerns of many uninsured Las Vegas residents is what to do when they need emergency health services. Most often individuals are not uninsured by choice, but instead due to a lack of available funds necessary to cover the insurance expense. While some people would rather wait out their illness than pay the emergency care self-pay rates, others find themselves faced with a literal life and death decision and have little choice but to pay the charges.

Las Vegas Statue of Liberty at center of copyright violation case

For some individuals in Las Vegas, creating art is not only something that they feel inspired to do, but it is also a business venture. When photographs and likenesses of artistic works are used without authorization by a third party, it can affect an artist’s potential earnings.

FTC closes in on deceptive trade practices of for-profit schools

When individuals think of continued education they likely consider an institution that is focused on providing a solid instructive foundation first and foremost. However, the reality is that the motivation for many Las Vegas for-profit schools is to make money. In some instances, the school’s administration will do anything to get financial gain, even if that means misrepresenting their facility in order to attract more students.

Escalator with an expired certificate takes young girl�s toes

Running a business in Las Vegas takes a lot of time and dedication. Not only must store owners appeal to consumers by staying up to date on current trends, they must also ensure that patrons are safe from hazards that can lead to personal injury. When not properly maintained, common conveniences like escalators, elevators and automatic doors can be dangerous and even life threatening.

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