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April 2014 Archives

Business' suit claims breach of contract, stolen trade secrets

For Las Vegas companies, the protection of confidential information such as client lists and methods of doing business is often vital to success. Many businesses recognize this, and proactively require their workers to sign contracts that include non-complete clauses and restrictions on disclosing trade secrets. If employees who sign these agreements begin working for a direct competitor or leak confidential data, their former employers may choose to settle the business disputes through contract and trade secret litigation.

Las Vegas magician accuses stagehands of revealing trade secrets

World-class illusionist performances are one of the biggest draws to Las Vegas hotels and casinos. Inherent in the value of these shows is the mystery behind the any given trick, which makes it imperative for magicians to maintain their performance methods as intellectual property. To protect against the theft of trade secrets, many illusionists require their employees to sign confidentiality agreements, which are vigorously litigated if it is suspected that these workers have leaked information about the performer’s tricks.

10 dead after FedEx truck collides with bus

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination, and the schools and organizations that plan activities in the city often opt for group transportation to cut expenses and promote bonding. When such high-occupancy vehicles are involved in car crashes, the death and injury toll can be substantial. If the accidents are caused by the negligent actions of a person or company, these parties may find themselves facing personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.

Citigroup involved in $400 million Mexican banking fraud

While Las Vegas’ reputation in popular culture paints it as a city devoted to its tourism industry, in reality it also hosts numerous large companies, many of which have established global presences. When international business disputes arise, they can stir up complicated issues for American companies, particularly if they are already dealing with regulatory or management issues in their home offices.

Victim of Las Vegas crash claims she struggled in aftermath

When Las Vegas car accidents make the news, focus is usually placed on people’s immediate injuries. While these are certainly causes for public concern, it is the long-term disabilities and rehabilitation treatments that often result in the greatest financial, physical and emotional struggles for those who were injured in these crashes. To recover from such losses, many victims seek compensation by pursuing civil litigation against negligent drivers.

Las Vegas performer settles civil suit with HSBC

Performing on stage can be a dangerous undertaking, even in well-known establishments such as those found along the Las Vegas Strip. The hotels and casinos that line this street are world-renowned for their music, magic and theatrical shows, but that does not mean that they are immune to lawsuits regarding premises liability and other personal injury claims. If entertainers are injured while on stage at one of these venues, the property owners and other negligent parties may face civil litigation.

200 gallons of oil left found on Las Vegas roads; origin unknown

When Las Vegas residents are injured as the result of negligence, premises liability or a product defect, they may think they have the right and ability to pursue legal action. While this may be true, some situations are more complicated than others. Personal injury lawsuits are intended to help make victims whole again after they have suffered an injury caused by someone else, but in most cases this requires identifying the most directly negligent party. Who this person or company is may not always be immediately apparent.

Many security-sensitive companies wary of trendy cloud tools

When a national company accidentally leaks public information, it can cause a great deal of concern for Las Vegas residents. This is why information security is a top priority for many corporations, and why so many of them are careful when it comes to selecting technological tools for sharing data internally. If these businesses do not take these decisions seriously, they may face commercial litigation for any resulting security breaches.

Fine line of copyright infringement in magic shows

Magic performances are common in Las Vegas, and many would argue that they are one of the primary reasons tourists visit the city. Because of the high value in these shows, entertainers sometimes go to great lengths to ensure that these performances’ secrets remain secure, often by guarding against intellectual property infringement. When entertainers become aware that their protected work is being used by someone else, they sometimes turn to civil litigation to halt this unlicensed use.

Las Vegas man killed by DUI driver

Las Vegas is a city known for having a fun, relaxing atmosphere and a thriving entertainment industry. While this is certainly great in many ways, some people can take this party attitude too far by choosing to drink and drive. When a car accident results from these poor decisions, other people involved in the crash may suffer serious injuries or even death. If a fatality results from a drunk driving collision, the family members of the deceased person may wish to pursue civil litigation against the intoxicated driver.

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