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October 2012 Archives

Mob Experience owner can't hold lien on own property, judge rules

A Clark County District Court judge cited a 411-year-old case from British legal history in rejecting the former head of the Las Vegas Mob Experience's attempt to claim ownership of the exhibit's artifacts recently. The judge ruled that the business owner was attempting to be both owner and creditor of the items, which was disallowed by the 1601 judicial decision.

Family of murdered man accuses casino of negligence

The North Las Vegas casino where a man was shot and killed by a would-be robber in 2010 might have prevented the killing if it had had provided better security, according to the family of the victim. The shooting is the subject of a personal injury lawsuit filed recently against the Opera House casino as well as the man alleged to have committed the crime.

Tribe, environmental groups sue coal plant over emissions

A Southern Nevada power plant is facing legal pressure from a local Native American tribe and a pair of national environmental groups to improve its pollution controls beyond federally mandated standards. However, the plant says that its controls are already 99 percent effective and its management is questioning claims by tribal members that they are getting sick from the plant's emissions.

Apple vs. Samsung trial to continue? New details on jury foreman

The issue of patent rights between companies Apple and Samsung has caused many to take note of product infringement laws. Nevada residents may remember the previous ruling from their trial earlier this year granted some $1 Billion dollars to Apple in damages for their property infringement. Now, it appears that the past is coming back with a vengeance.

Las Vegas club settles employee misclassification lawsuit

The Spearmint Rhino dancing clubs in Las Vegas recently settled an employee misclassification lawsuit filed by dancers at the club. The dancers claimed they were wrongfully classified as independent contractors at the club and did not receive the proper wages and benefits entitled to full-time employees.

'Pawn Stars' accused of breach of contract by ex-promoter

The former manager of the stars of the reality TV show "Pawn Stars" is accusing the men of firing him in order to cut him out of his share of the profits. He has filed a breach of contract lawsuit in Nevada state court against the four men who run the Las Vegas pawn shop that is at the center of the show, as well as the network that airs the series.

Revealing too many casino secrets can lead to legal trouble

Company privacy policies, written out in handbooks, are often given to workers by human resource departments. Non-compete and confidentiality agreements, given to managers, prohibit the disclosing of information held valuable to the company. Commercial litigation often involves disputes between businesses and workers accused of violated these principles, sometimes because they accept a job from a competitor after they leave.

Mafia museum founder hit with class action by investors

Readers in Las Vegas may have heard of the Las Vegas Mob Experience, a museum dedicated to the Mafia that opened at the Tropicana resort-casino in March 2011. The museum, which cost $25 million to open, wound up in bankruptcy and is now operating at the Mob Attraction under new ownership. Now the former owner of the attraction is facing several lawsuits from investors accusing him of fraud and theft of company funds.

Fired museum employee alleges personal injury, defamation by boss

A former employee of Las Vegas' Erotic Heritage Museum is bringing a wide array of accusations against her former boss and lover in a new lawsuit against the museum and its owner. Among other things, the plaintiff, who was fired in 2010, accuses the owner of defaming her and indirectly causing her personal injury after their affair ended. She says she her career has been harmed by the defendant's actions and is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

Patent lawsuits filed against Google, Apple in Nevada court

A company that is moving its headquarters to Nevada apparently is transitioning to a business plan that primarily involves suing major corporations for alleged patent infringements. Software and telecom giants Google and Apple are among the first targets of this company's new strategy. They have been sued in Nevada federal court and each accused of violating 10 patents belonging to the plaintiff.

U.S. Bank suing Liberace Museum over $1.9M loan

The Liberace Museum in Las Vegas, which is dedicated to memorabilia once belonging to the legendary musician, has fallen on hard times lately, having not been open for business since October 2010. Now the foundation that operated the museum is facing a lawsuit from U.S. Bank over a $1.9 million lawsuit that the bank claims has not been paid on since early this year. If the foundation fails to pay off or settle the debt, it could lose the museum's contents, as well as trademarks and trade names associated with it.

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