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November 2012 Archives

Las Vegas businesses: preparation means protection on Black Friday

Each year the frenzy of holiday shoppers storming retailers' doors in Las Vegas on Black Friday means holiday dollars -- and sometimes lawsuits. Last year in the U.S., 20 people were injured in one major retail store while two more were shot in a parking lot. With personal injury making the news on the biggest shopping day of the year, the likelihood of retailers being sued increases. The reality here is that injured parties and their lawyers will typically pursue legal action against the party most able to pay, and pay well. Because society sometimes seems geared toward pursuing even the most outrageous legal action, wise retailers look ahead to protect shoppers, and to protect themselves from facing lawsuits.

Las Vegas man accused of leading timeshare sales fraud ring

A 63-year-old Las Vegas man has been charged in federal court with leading a business fraud ring with several relatives and other people. The suspect is accused of defrauding owners of timeshare properties into paying fees to have the business sell those timeshare interests when in fact no sales took place. The suspect could face decades in prison if convicted.

Owners of closed dealership settle lawsuit with town

A lawsuit between a village in another state and the former owners of a car dealership demonstrate how entering into business agreements with local governments in Nevada can be tricky. The two sides in the business litigation have settled the case, with the owners of the now-closed dealership paying the village $400,000.

BP to pay $4B to settle criminal charges over Gulf oil spill

Back on Nov. 8, we brought readers in Las Vegas the story of oil giant BP reaching a settlement with businesses and individuals who say they were harmed by the 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill. That settlement, which needs to be approved in federal court, would distribute billions of dollars to more than 100,000 plaintiffs.

Feds provide guidance on what is a foreign business bribe

Most businesspeople in Nevada who do business internationally know that bribery is common in certain countries. Federal law has long prohibited U.S. companies from bribing foreign business or government officials, but only recently has the government begun to strongly enforce the law, known as the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act.

Are trampoline parks safe for children in Las Vegas?

A new trend in children's entertainment is the trampoline park. These businesses offer huge rooms made up of springy surfaces that allow visitors to bounce and leap into the air. One such trampoline park is Sky Zone in Las Vegas. While Sky Zone is successful, some parents and doctors worry that children could suffer injuries in falls. And injuries to visitors could mean personal injury lawsuits against Sky Zone and other trampoline parks.

Both sides urge court approval of $7.8B BP oil spill settlement

A proposed financial settlement of the thousands of lawsuits filed against oil giant BP is before the federal judge overseeing the massive litigation. At a hearing on Nov. 8, attorneys for BP and plaintiffs' attorneys who were part of the negotiation asked the judge to give final approval to the settlement, which is expected to cost BP around $7.8 billion dollars to compensate residents of the Gulf Coast whose businesses and lives were devastated by the massive 2010 oil spill.

Righthaven's appeals may continue, federal judge rules

Righthaven LLC may now be more of an "idea" than an active business, as its owner and CEO recently put it. However, it will live to fight another day in court after a federal judge rejected an attempt to have the CEO fired and the numerous copyright infringement appeals the company has filed dismissed.

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