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February 2019 Archives

March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month

According to federal data, over 1.7 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries across the United States each year. To help spread awareness about the issue in Nevada and elsewhere, the Brain Injury Association of America has designated March as National Brain Injury Awareness Month.

About DAIs

One type of traumatic brain injury people in Nevada should be aware of is a diffuse axonal injury. This type of injury occurs when the brain quickly shifts inside of the skull as the injury is incurred. The axons, which are the linking fibers in the brain, are cropped as the brain quickly accelerates and decelerates against the hard skull.

Not all NDAs are enforceable

Contracts are often the lifeblood of a business. This has become especially true as the nature of business in Nevada has become more complex with issues such as digital transactions and international commerce. Well-crafted business contracts are primarily designed to keep a company rolling with a minimum of disruption. How effective a contract will be, however, depends largely on how well the actual language of the contract anticipates the real world situation and whether any existing law or precedence addresses the specific matter.

How ESOPs can help family owned businesses

Business owners of Nevada might be surprised to learn that even though family-owned businesses are responsible for hiring about 60 percent of the American working population, about 70 percent of these same businesses don't make it past a single generation. Consequently, family-owned businesses are very wary when it comes to succession planning, especially if their owners are anxious about the business lasting for more than a generation in the family.

Recurring factors in car crashes in Nevada

Nevada car crashes are usually caused by human negligence, an there are a few common factors. One of the most common is distracted driving, with many choosing to multitask rather than concentrate on the road. Distracting activities include calling, texting, using a navigation system, eating, drinking, applying makeup and even talking with other passengers.

How to position a company for success

For a startup to be successful in Nevada or any other market, it needs to have a product that meets the needs of its target customer. It will also need to survive in the face of possible legal or regulatory changes. Ideally, a company will begin by first examining the current economic landscape to determine if its product could be better than what the competition has to offer.

Woman dies after slip and fall in subway station

There are inherent dangers involved in subway stations. Every year, people are victims of crime or accidentally fall onto the tracks. But one danger Nevada residents might not have considered is the possibility of a trip and fall down the stairs. Unfortunately, a woman in a New York City subway station recently died from an accidental fall coming down the stairs.

Brain injury linked to higher risk of PTSD

A new study published in the medical journal JAMA Psychiatry says that victims of mild traumatic brain injuries in Nevada and other states are at a higher risk for developing a mental disorder. Specifically, victims are at a greater risk for PTSD and depression than victims with non-brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can occur when the head is given a jolt, blow, or bump or when the skull is penetrated. The study involved more than a thousand patients over two years.

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