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April 2018 Archives

Study suggests that distracted driving laws are ineffective

Nevada is one of 15 states to have passed legislation banning the use of cell phones and other mobile electronic devices by drivers, but a recent study from a road safety analytics company suggests that even the harshest distracted driving laws are largely ineffective. The figures also suggest that the problem of distracted driving in the United States is far more serious than safety groups or government agencies imagine.

Lawsuit claims tourist injured at David Copperfield show

On April 13, opening statements were heard in a civil trial brought by a man who alleges he suffered injuries in a fall while participating in magician David Copperfield's Las Vegas show in 2013. Both Copperfield and MGM Grand casino are named as defendants in the case.

A business plan can include an exit strategy

Entrepreneurs in Las Vegas starting a new small business may be concerned about how to form the business in order to be appealing to investors. Investors who want to achieve a significant benefit from a new business may be looking toward the exit strategy in order to determine whether an investment is a good fit. For many small business founders, the most common thoughts about an exit strategy can be particularly dramatic: for example, a lucrative buyout from a major tech company or going public on the stock market with an initial public offering (IPO).

Demential linked to concussions

Nevada drivers making claims for damages after an automobile accident should be fully aware of their injuries and the long-term health and welfare consequences. New research shows that even supposedly minor bumps on the head can greatly increase the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's. Before signing settlement documents, claimants should understand the risks and factor them in accordingly.

Daydreaming causes more crashes than texting

Las Vegas motorists are aware of the dangers of distracted driving, but most people associate the problem with cellphone use, such as texting or sending an email, while behind the wheel. However, a data analysis by Erie Insurance found that most distracted driving accidents are actually caused by simple daydreaming.

Turning an idea into a business

Many Nevada entrepreneurs feel as if their business idea is too good to fail. However, simply coming up with an idea isn't enough to know whether or not a single product or service could create the foundation of a successful company. At some point, the founder has to be able to follow through on that idea. This takes an ability to manage a company's finances and everything else that comes with owning a business.

Scientists explore causes of brain injury

Whether acquired through a car accident, sports trauma or another type of injury, concussions can be life-changing for people in California. While it is widely known that concussions can result from impacts to the head, there is less information about how to prevent concussion or identify the types of impact that are more likely to cause this damage. Researchers used data recorded from football players and computer simulations of the human brain to attempt to identify why concussions happen after certain injuries but not others.

Study shows distracted driving is on the rise

A recent study revealed both good and bad news for Nevada motorists. People are more aware than ever of the dangers associated with distracted driving. Unfortunately, individuals continue to engage in behaviors they know to be dangerous. Officials are struggling to find solutions to an epidemic of distracted driving largely fueled by ubiquitous smartphones and exacerbated by traditional distractions, such as eating while driving.

Humans and the safety of autonomous vehicles

Nevada drivers who are concerned about road safety may be interested to know that human influence could have a negative impact on autonomous vehicle technology. According to a computer professor from Arizona State University, the vehicles are unsafe because they are programmed to copy humans.

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