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February 2017 Archives

When a Yelp review is libel

Providing a service to the public in Las Vegas always comes with a risk, since it is impossible to please everyone. Consumers often have the customer-is-always-right mentality, so if they are not completely satisfied by the service they paid for, some may become demanding and unreasonable. Forbes points out that if even just one of these people reports the perceived issue on a review website such as Yelp, it could cause as much as a 70 percent drop in profits—a potentially disastrous effect on a company’s bottom line.

Traffic fatality increase highest since 1960s

Whether on busy urban freeways and streets or wide open rural roads, Nevada residents must be continually aware at all times as accidents can and do happen anytime, anywhere. This reality is actually shared by people across the nation and, as newly reported data indicates, the risks faced by citizens today may well be getting worse not better.

What is a nondisclosure agreement?

Among the many types of contracts that may be utilized by individuals or businesses alike in Nevada, the non-disclosure agreement is a relatively common one. Despite this, it is not always well understood. Before you embark down a path without one or even before you sign one, you should understand these special types of contracts so you know when they make sense for you and what provisions you should be sure to include.

How is a dog classified as dangerous in Nevada?

If you have been bitten by a dog or have concerns about a dog in your Nevada neighborhood, it can be helpful to understand the dangerous dog classification in the state. A dangerous dog is classified as such based upon specific incidents of behavior stated by law. It is important to note that the breed of a dog alone will not label it as dangerous, as specified by the Nevada Legislature. In addition, vicious behavior that is provoked is often not held against the dog.

Filing a civil appeal with the Nevada Supreme Court

When a court case does not turn out as planned, a person may have the right to appeal the decision to a higher court. The highest court in the state is the Nevada Supreme Court. However, not all cases can be heard before the high court. A person must first take their case to an appeals court, according to the State Legislature. It is also important to note that in civil cases, both the plaintiff and defendant can appeal, so either party may decide to appeal a decision made in a lower court to the Supreme Court.

What is an MSDS and why do you need it?

As we have mentioned numerous times in this blog, there are many ways for an employee to get hurt or ill on the job. Hazardous chemicals are a significant cause of workplace injuries or illnesses for workers in Las Vegas and elsewhere. It is crucial, therefore, to protect your employees by providing information on the chemicals that are stored at your place of business.

What are the copyright rules for written work?

Whether you just finished the next bestselling novel or you maintain a blog online, the things you write are protected from infringement by United States copyright law. If you write professionally or for a hobby, one of the last things you want is for someone else to copy your words and pass them off as their own. It can be helpful, therefore, for you and other Nevada writers to understand how a copyright works.

Understanding NV marijuana laws and driving under the influence

Nevada has recently joined the growing number of states that have either decriminalized recreational marijuana or allowed its use. However, cannabis enthusiasts should not take this as a sign that they can use as much of the drug as they wish, or drive while under the influence. Smoking a joint is not the same as smoking a cigarette; marijuana may impair a driver’s reflexes and judgment, and result in injuries and criminal penalties.

What are the workers’ comp obligations for NV business owners?

Your employees can suffer from any kind of injury on the job, whether your industry is known for being dangerous or if they work in an office. Workers’ compensation insurance exists to cover an employee’s expenses related to an injury or illness that occurred on the job. It is important for you and other Nevada employers to understand what is required regarding this important type of insurance coverage.

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