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Month: February 2017

When a Yelp review is libel

Providing a service to the public in Las Vegas always comes with a risk, since it is impossible to please everyone. Consumers often have the customer-is-always-right mentality, so if they are not completely satisfied by the service they paid for, some may become...

What is a nondisclosure agreement?

Among the many types of contracts that may be utilized by individuals or businesses alike in Nevada, the non-disclosure agreement is a relatively common one. Despite this, it is not always well understood. Before you embark down a path without one or even before you...

What is an MSDS and why do you need it?

As we have mentioned numerous times in this blog, there are many ways for an employee to get hurt or ill on the job. Hazardous chemicals are a significant cause of workplace injuries or illnesses for workers in Las Vegas and elsewhere. It is crucial, therefore, to...

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