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June 2017 Archives

When geography affects your Las Vegas noncompete agreement

It may be inevitable that you entrust your business secrets to employees who work at your Las Vegas company. However, it does not follow that you are at their mercy if they decide to leave. We at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., have advised and assisted many employers who want to use employment contracts to protect their business.

What is discovery?

The word “justice” may call to mind the concepts of fairness and lawfulness, and when you file a lawsuit in Nevada, you should expect the court to uphold them. The American Bar Association explains that one of the processes in civil litigation, discovery, includes rules for making sure you and the other party each have the opportunity to address every issue in the case so that the outcome is fair.

What Nevada statutes have to say about deceptive trade practices

When a company lies to consumers in Las Vegas, it may result in damages for those who make the purchases, and the effects can be disastrous for other businesses, too. There are federal laws defining the parameters of this behavior, and Nevada state law also provides details about what constitutes deceptive trade practices.

Appealing an eviction order

Being evicted from your home in Nevada can be a traumatic experience, but even after you have unsuccessfully filed a motion to cancel the eviction order, you may have options. There are many post-trial strategies that may result in a reversed outcome and allow you to stay in the house. Our team at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., has offered legal advice and represented many people who are seeking resolution for landlord-tenant issues.

Why do so many car crashes happen in the summer?

Whether you are one of those people who look forward to the summer months in Las Vegas all year, or you prefer cooler weather, getting out during this season can be risky. According to a study reported by the New York Post, your chances of a car accident go up in July and August.

Specialty courts for complex litigation in Nevada

As most entrepreneurs and business owners would probably agree, the amount of knowledge needed to successfully manage a company of any size in Nevada can be vast. The legal information necessary for drafting contracts alone leads many to keep an attorney on retainer for the company. With so much need for specialization, The Pew Charitable Trusts points out that many states have determined that it makes sense for them to create courts solely for hearing complex litigation cases.

Forgery claim may ruin art dealer’s career

When an expert in a field impugns the character or skill of another in a public forum, it could cause damages for a Nevada business owner in more than one arena. Just the loss of trust or respect from others within the industry could ruin the company. However, proving that defamation occurred, either through a written or spoken statement, and that it cost actual, physical damages may be challenging for anyone seeking to restore a professional reputation.

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