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April 2017 Archives

Can truck drivers use their phones behind the wheel?

Understanding the dangers of texting and driving on the roadways in Nevada, you may find it reassuring that there are strict distracted driving laws that refer specifically to the operators of large commercial vehicles. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enforces these federal rules for truckers who are driving across state lines, spelling them out for those in the industry so there is no doubt about what a trucker can and cannot do while driving.

You may receive compensation for attorney’s fees in your appeal

Losing a case can be disheartening, but under many circumstances, a Nevada civil appeal may be an option. However, after reviewing the requirements for filing one, attempting to do so on your own may seem overwhelming. At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., our team often assists those who are not comfortable navigating the appellate court system themselves.

Trademark infringement and preliminary injunctions

Your trademark represents what your company offers to consumers, and as such, is tied to their perception of your products and services. The legal team at the Aldrich Law Firm understands that if someone else has developed a similar trademark, or even copied yours, and has used that to confuse customers or destroy your reputation, you have certain legal rights. However, filing a lawsuit is not an overnight fix, and the damage to your company may continue.

Multidistrict litigation: The basics

When a company faces a complex civil action lawsuit in Las Vegas, the outcome could ultimately lead to the success or failure of the business. If there is more than one action, and they occur across multiple districts, the circumstances could lead to a transfer of all the cases to a single district so that the evidence may be consolidated and heard all at once. According to Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute, this has the potential to happen if the disputes share at least one fact, and they require a jury to resolve.

Pedestrian deaths spike in 2016; experts push safety measures

Traveling by foot has many benefits to recommend it, but in Nevada, this method of transportation is not without its risks. In fact, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association, early reports on 2016 pedestrian casualties indicate a sharp rise over 2015. The statistics are projected by comparing the deaths in the first six months of the year with those of the year before, and they show a 24 percent increase. In 2015, Nevada was the seventh highest state for pedestrian fatality rates.

Two pedestrians, two fatal accidents

Foot and vehicle traffic typically travel along the same routes in Las Vegas, and it may be difficult for a pedestrian to walk anywhere without going across a street at some point. Crossing at intersections should guarantee safe passage, but even with crosswalks and signals, drivers sometimes miss the obvious and cause an accident. Without any protection, pedestrians often suffer serious or fatal injuries in these collisions.

Appearance of age discrimination leads to complex litigation

Nevada employers should have the right to hire the workers who they feel are the best fit for the company, and for the specific job in question. However, there are federal discrimination guidelines that may apply to hiring practices which can affect what a hiring manager may look for on an application, and in an interview. It may be that an exhaustive list of preferred characteristics could be perceived as illegal if it seems as if these may block older workers from being chosen.

Can a non-solicitation agreement help me keep my clients?

Your list of clients in Nevada links directly to the success of your bottom line, so you need to keep that compilation of names and contact information secret. If you are making reasonable efforts to maintain the secrecy of this data, and one of your employees leaves your company, you may be protected legally if he or she attempts to contact your clients.

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