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August 2013 Archives

Contractor sues county over road construction project

When a Las Vegas company signs a contract with another entity, they do so with full faith that all of the terms of the contract will be carried out. When they aren’t, the company may have legal recourse against the other person or company who defaulted on the contract.

Employment discrimination lawsuit against Walmart rejected

When allegations of discrimination occur against an employer in Las Vegas, it can have devastating effects. Not only can it result in the business losing vital profits, it can also take time away from running your company. In order for your employee to prove discrimination has taken place, he must be able to show that he was treated unfairly because of a certain characteristic. This characteristic may be race, sex, age, religion and more.

Company sues similarly named business for trademark infringement

In today’s marketplace, having a name that is easily recognizable and that stands apart from the crowd is important for businesses in Las Vegas. When a competitor comes along with a name that is too similar to yours, real problems can be created because your customers may confuse your competition with you.

Shareholders sue to stop acquisition of Harris Teeter by Kroger

Acquisitions occur when one company purchases another and are fairly common in Las Vegas and the rest of the country. Shareholders in the company that is being acquired may wonder how their shares are affected by the acquisition. There are a variety of factors involved that will determine the value of the shares once the acquisition takes place. In these instances, it is the fiduciary duty of the company’s leaders to ensure that the move will benefit their shareholders.

Five-car collision in Las Vegas sends several injured to hospital

Although Las Vegas is known as a place where people can cut loose and enjoy themselves, it is also important to remember to do so in a responsible manner. Because of the amount of tourists that visit the city who may not be familiar with Nevada’s traffic laws and the fact that there are things going on around the clock, there can be real dangers on the road. Add to that the tendency for people to be a little more laid back, and even irresponsible with alcohol, and you have a deadly combination.

Las Vegas hit-and-run leaves 3 injured

Among motor vehicle accidents, there are none quite as despicable as a hit-and-run. Causing an accident in Las Vegas and then taking off is not only irresponsible and rude, it is against the law. Nevada law states that those involved in an accident must exchange information, and if someone is hurt, seek help for that person. When a person leaves the scene of an accident where property damage has occurred, that person could face misdemeanor charges. Felony charges could be levied in hit-and-run cases involved injury or death.

AP and Meltwater reach settlement in copyright infringement case

A copyright is put in place in order to protect the creator of a work from someone else taking credit for or benefiting from their work without permission. Copyrights protect businesses in Las Vegas from competitors taking their original work and making money off of it. When this happens, it is known as copyright infringement. There are many ways a copyright can be infringed on besides an outright copy of the work. It can be done by creating a new work that is derived from the original, by selling it or violating the moral rights of the copyright owner.

Man loses appeal in car accident lawsuit

When going through a civil appeals case in Las Vegas, it is important that you have the proper representation. Because so much can be on the line, it is typically not a good idea to try to go into court without a lawyer. An attorney can help you navigate the ins and outs of the legal system and build a credible case for you.

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