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January 2015 Archives

A basic overview of Nevada’s Uniform Commercial Code

Nevada is one of the many states that have codified the Uniform Commercial Code into its statutes. As explained by the United States Small Business Administration, the UCC is a group of laws created by the American Law Institute and the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. Compliance with the UCC is required of companies that engage in business across state lines. 

Avoid partnership problems with a strong formation agreement

Partnerships are a popular type of business entity in Nevada because they are relatively easy to create and allow entrepreneurs to get their ventures off the ground quickly. As noted by the United States Business Administration, the creation of a strong partnership agreement can help these businesspeople avoid many common pitfalls that plague this type of business entity. 

Understanding Nevada’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act

For years, the Aldrich Law Firm has been helping Las Vegas business owners protect their intellectual property rights. Because of this we have a great deal of experience with Nevada’s laws on trade secrets, and we bring this extensive knowledge to bear whenever a client is at risk of losing valuable and confidential business information.

Trade secrets usually considered a legitimate business interest

Many Nevada business owners come to the Aldrich Law Firm when there is a risk that their companies’ trade secrets will be made public, and we help these clients defend against the misappropriation of their confidential business information. In such situations, enforcing noncompete agreements can be a useful tool in protecting our clients’ rights.

Man killed while attempting to help auto accident victims

In the chaos and confusion of a Las Vegas car crash, those who are directly involved in the collision may not be the only ones injured by it. Sometimes those who are simply standing nearby or who stop to offer help can also be seriously hurt or even killed. When this occurs, the victims and/or their family members may have the right to pursue civil litigation against the parties responsible for the accident.

Are all noncompete agreements enforceable?

Companies invest heavily in employee training. Because this can be very costly, businesses often require employees to sign contracts promising that they will not take a comparable position with a competitor. While once reserved for high-level employees, the American Bar Association notes that the number of workers asked to sign these noncompete agreements has risen in the last few decades, as has the amount of litigation related to these contracts.

How to prepare for negotiating an intellectual property license

Intellectual property licenses are pivotal to many Nevada companies. Here at the Aldrich Law Firm, we appreciate this fact and realize that it is important for our clients to understand how to navigate the licensing process. Below are some brief tips that the World Intellectual Property Organization offers on how to successfully engage in intellectual property licensing.

Can void and voidable contracts be differentiated?

Business litigation is often fraught with technical contract terms, including those that speak to the enforceability of agreements. As noted by a Campbell Law Review Article, the lack of consistent definitions for the contract terms “void” and “voidable” can cause confusion in breach of contract cases.

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