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January 2014 Archives

Target breach brings security standards under scrutiny

The prospect of identity theft is scary, in part because it uses victims’ own personal information against them. As a result of the public’s increasing awareness of this risk, people in Las Vegas and around the country have become much more cautious about safeguarding their identifying data, but are willing to providing it to trustworthy companies such as established national chains. However, as was seen in Target’s recent security breach, sometimes a retailer can unwittingly release its customers’ information. Such incidents, and their resulting commercial litigation, can sometimes spur a review of standard security practices.

Fernley car accident kills child, results in DUI arrest

The death of a Nevadan child is always a tragedy. When the death is the result of negligence, there may be civil litigation remedies available to a child’s surviving family members that could help to ensure that the people or companies responsible are held accountable. This can help the family receive closure, and also serves as a reminder to the public that negligent behavior which results in personal injury can lead to severe consequences.

Patent infringement case launched over keyboard case

Many successful companies began with an idea—some way of solving a problem that no one else has thought of before. In the United States, the creators of truly unique products and processes are rewarded with legal protections against people or companies who use these inventions without permission. These proprietary restrictions can be very beneficial; for example, Las Vegas’ thriving entertainment industry relies on the fact that creative works like music and choreography can be protected against unlicensed use. When proprietary rights are violated, the owners of patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and other forms of intellectual property have the right to sue any infringers.

Appeal in wrongful termination case sits before judge

When someone is involved in a civil suit in Las Vegas, it is important for that person to understand that the process can sometimes be quite complicated. Some legal matters are settled relatively quickly, but others can require filing civil appeals before various courts and commissions, because the parties involved are trying to exhaust all possible legal options.

Target security breach spurs Nevada warning on credit theft

Consumers who provide confidential payment information to a large national chain store expect that the business will take all necessary precautions to protect its customers’ debit and credit records. If a company suffers a data breach it must face not only a loss of its customers’ trust, but also the possibility that any resulting identity theft cases may result in commercial litigation against the business.

Henderson car accident leaves woman dead

When an accident is caused by the negligent actions of a person or company and results in injuries to an innocent person, there are legal remedies available to help victims recover. For example, car accidents often leave victims with mounting medical bills, lost wages, and other financial and emotional damage. These innocent bystanders have the right to pursue personal injury claims against the negligent parties that were responsible for these injuries.

Using cell while driving causes inattention blindness, study says

It’s no secret that using a cell phone while driving can cause serious injury; however, Las Vegas motorists continue to do so. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated that in 2012 the country saw over 3,300 deaths that were the cause of distracted driving, with approximately 28,000 injuries related to the same in 2011.

Annual report indicates Nevada's need for an appeals court

In the past, many attempts have been made to push for an intermediate appellate court in Nevada to address the growing backlog of appeals cases. Currently, the state Supreme Court manages criminal and civil appellate legal matters, which leaves the Supreme Court of Nevada justices with the highest per-justice caseloads in the nation. According to the recently released Annual Report of the Nevada Judiciary, in 2013 the Nevada high court processed just over 2,300 appeals cases; this is approximately 800 cases more than West Virginia, the state with the second highest case load. Sources indicate that in response to this report, one of the Nevada Supreme Court chief justices explained how the information presented by the Nevada Judiciary is evidence of the states’ need for court services to address the growing caseload.

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