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June 2016 Archives

Local artwork repainted to blend back into the background

It is generally known that graffiti is a blight on any neighborhood in Las Vegas or elsewhere. If caught, those accused of graffiti may face criminal penalties, as well as possible civil action for the monetary damage caused to the property. Many self-professed graffiti artists have a variety of reasons for painting or drawing on property. These reasons may include political or social statements, wishing to mark their territory or simply the thrill of doing something risky. In other cases, the person who is painting without permission over someone else’s property may be unhappy with how it currently looks.

What is the difference between a civil and criminal lawsuit?

In an ideal world, nobody would have to deal with the time and hassle of being involved in a lawsuit. However, in reality, anyone can face getting drawn into a legal case. Whether you are a Las Vegas business owner, manager or everyday person just trying to get by, a variety of situations might land you in legal hot water. Therefore, understanding what constitutes a civil case, versus a criminal suit, can help you be better prepared.

What do you need to know about boating safety?

Recreational boating is one of the most popular summer activities for Las Vegas residents. If you are preparing to enjoy a day on a lake or a trip to the coast this summer, it is imperative that you understand basic boating safety rules. According to the United States Coast Guard, there were 47 boating accidents in Nevada in 2014, the most recent year in which data was available. That same year, 11 people in Nevada lost their lives in boat crashes and other boating accidents on the water.

Unpleasant employees can make the job difficult for everyone

Every workplace in Las Vegas has its share of contention. From gossip to outright hostility, some co-workers can make the job environment a living nightmare. At Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we understand how a problematic employee can, in some cases, result in legal action. As a business owner or manager, it would likely be in your best interests to curb employee strife early, before it escalates and causes a major problem.

Electricity poses another swimming pool hazard

Many Las Vegas homes, neighborhoods and apartment complexes have swimming pools so residents can escape the area’s summer heat. One of the most common dangers associated with swimming is drowning. Countless local parents and property managers are aware of the dangers and take measures every year to ensure that the drowning risk is minimized for those using their pools.

How do you help your employees adjust to company changes?

In a recent blog post, we discussed how to calm customer worries during an acquisition, merger or change in the way a company is run. Just as important is how you handle the concerns of your employees during major changes in your business. The staff is one of the most important elements of any Las Vegas company; if they are unhappy or worried, morale might suffer and work performance could become less efficient.

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