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August 2012 Archives

Johnson & Johnson agrees to $181 million settlement over Risperdal

When it comes to prescription medications, every step of the process matters. How they are tested, how they are manufactured, how they are marketed and how they are prescribed. Prescription medications taken for the wrong illness or by the wrong person can have serious consequences.

$1B verdict against Samsung could affect Android phone users

A patent infringement lawsuit between rival mobile device programmers Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. ended on Aug. 26 with a jury decision that Samsung's cell phones and other products used Apple technology without permission. The jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1 billion in damages. More importantly, the verdict could mean that users of products that use the Android operating system will face either limited features or increased prices in the future.

Commercial litigation suit filed for airing of martial arts fight

A lawsuit has been filed due to a bootlegged airing of a recent Ultimate Fighting Championship. Joe Hand Promotions, Inc. purchased the exclusive rights to distribute the fight between the champion and the second-ranked fighter. This fight was viewed as one of the greatest in the history of martial arts. The fight took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas with the reigning champion winning again.

Woman's dating service failure the subject of Clark County lawsuit

A dating service that does business in Clark County has been sued by a former client who says that the service did not fix her up with "suitable male companions" as promised. Instead, the woman behind the lawsuit claims, the company set her up with men that lived nowhere near her or otherwise did not meet her expectations. The woman, who paid the company more than $78,000, is seeking more than $10,000 in damages for this failure to find her a boyfriend.

Hospital workers file class action over lunch break deductions

Three employees of University Medical Center of Southern Nevada have filed a class action lawsuit against the hospital for what they say were illegal deductions from their pay. The plaintiffs, who say their suit was filed on behalf of "at least 50" other UMC employees, allege that hospital management forced them to work through lunch while not paying them for the resulting overtime.

Federal authorities looking into Las Vegas Sands' Macau deals

A foreign division of Las Vegas Sands is under investigation by two federal agencies for possible bribery. The investigations are based on statements made by a former executive with Sands China Ltd in his wrongful termination lawsuit against the company. The former executive, who led Sands China's Macau operations, says that the company had an inappropriate relationship with a politically connected attorney in Macau.

Las Vegas newspaper copyright infringement appeal dismissed

Without a word from the Las Vegas company that appealed a copyright infringement ruling in federal court earlier this summer, the court granted a dismissal of the appeal on Aug. 8. The decision continues what appears to be the slow winding down of the flurry of business litigation filed in 2010 and 2011 by Righthaven LLC on behalf of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and an out-of-state newspaper against bloggers and other Internet users.

Netflix settles class action suit over former customers' data

Internet-based movie service Netflix got into trouble with its subscribers when it briefly tried to spin off its DVD rental business into a separate company last year. Now the company has settled a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of former clients for $9 million to benefit nonprofit privacy organizations. The lawsuit raised a complaint over how Netflix held onto the plaintiffs' personal and rental history data.

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