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October 2011 Archives

Las Vegas Sands defends against claims of racial discrimination

Employment discrimination cases can be extremely difficult for businesses -- it is hard to convince clients, consumers and customers that your business doesn't discriminate. When a current or former employee sues you, alleging discrimination on the basis of race, it is extremely important for your business' image to clear up any false claims and get rid of the negative publicity. In order to get claims dropped or thrown out by a judge, it is important to hire an attorney with considerable experience in employment discrimination cases.

Nevada jury comes back with $104 million verdict

Recently in a Nevada product liability suit, two drug companies were found liable in a Nevada court because a patient possibly contracted hepatitis C. The verdict was for $104 million. The award included $14 million in compensatory damages. However, the jury also delivered a verdict that one of the drug companies should pay out $60 million and the other drug company should pay out $30 million in punitive damages.

Woman brought to Las Vegas hospital after dog attack

We have all heard stories about vicious dog attacks in which someone is severely injured or killed. Most of these personal injury stories focus on one type of dog -- pit bulls. The pit bull has earned itself a fearsome reputation and some cities have banned pit bulls within their city limits because of the dangers they can cause. While a woman was recently airlifted to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas after she was brutally attacked by two pit bulls, she can also count a third pit bull as her rescuer.

Judge rejects sexual harassment claim against Siegfried and Roy

The quintessential Las Vegas performers, Siegfried and Roy, are no longer battling Roy's former personal assistant in federal court. The U.S. District Judge in Las Vegas has not only thrown out the former personal assistant's sexual harassment claim, but has ordered him to pay Roy and Siegfried and Roy's company, S&R Production Company, $37,415 as a sanction for bringing a baseless claim.

No appeal after trooper's slip-and-fall claim thrown out

It is common sense that everyone needs to pay attention when walking about a business. The owner may be responsible for preventing some accidents, but it is ultimately up to an individual to avoid some obvious dangers. It is reasonable to assume that someone would take care when walking on wet, outdoor stairs. After a police officer fell while walking on the stairs of the Las Vegas Bellagio, she sued the hotel.

Software company agrees to breach of contract settlement

When you are being sued by an individual, a company or the government, it may not always make the best business sense to go through a trial. Many businesses may find it easier, faster or better for their public image to resolve a legal matter with a settlement agreement, even if it means paying something out.

Nevada grandmother dies in skydiving accident

Participating in an extreme sport requires you to take a certain degree of risk of death or injury. When you are skydiving with an established extreme sports company, however, you should not have to worry about faulty equipment or unsafe conditions. It should be up to the company taking you up to ensure that everything is working properly before you jump out of the plane. Unfortunately for a 75-year-old grandmother, the company she chose to dive with gave her a defective parachute.

Pregnant women vulnerable to listeria outbreak in cantaloupe

The current listeria outbreak that has been traced to contaminated cantaloupe has been linked to at least 100 illnesses and 18 deaths in 20 states across the U.S. The outbreak has also led to at least one miscarriage. Several wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits have already been filed in the case.

Reebok to settle FTC claims of deceptive toning shoe ads

Reebok has settled a case with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations that it used deceptive advertising tactics to sell their "toning" shoe products. The shoe company agreed to pay $25 million to settle the charges. Consumers can apply for refunds from the company through the FTC or a class-action lawsuit.

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