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December 2014 Archives

Settlements more common than trial decisions

At the Aldrich Law Firm, one of our top priorities is keeping our Las Vegas clients informed of all the possibilities that can arise as a result of civil litigation. We never want our clients to encounter unpleasant surprises because they did not understand the legal processes involved in their lawsuits. One major point that confuses many clients is the fact that, in many instances, cases are resolved through settlements, not trials. 

What is the role of the SEC?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is a federal agency that oversees the enforcement of securities regulations. According to the SEC, its primary function is to monitor securities entities and prevent unfair dealing, promote the disclosure of relevant market information and protect against fraud. The agency enforces a number of federal laws, including the Securities Act, the Securities Exchange Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. 

Residential tenants have certain obligations under Nevada law

If you are a residential landowner in Las Vegas, you know firsthand the disruptions that a tenant dispute can cause. Here at the Aldrich Law Firm, we understand that when such situations arise, you want to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. One major factor in achieving this is determining whether the tenant causing the dispute has violated any obligations required of him or her under Nevada law.

Certain agreements must be in writing under Nevada law

Nevada’s laws on rights and transactions relating to property includes a statute of frauds section which requires certain types of contracts be in writing in order to be enforceable. These requirements describe situations in which agreements must be in writing, and by extension, when agreements not in writing are void.

The basics of bankruptcy fraud

At the Aldrich Law Firm, we appreciate how hard it can be to manage the finances of a company in Las Vegas. From everyday operating expenses to investments in new business projects, there are a million ways that a business can have trouble balancing the books. When this occurs, many companies turn to bankruptcy to proactively handle their debts. Sometimes, however, businesses can create more problems for themselves by inadvertently committing bankruptcy fraud. 

Can every civil case be appealed?

Though civil appeals are often discussed in the Las Vegas news, their use is actually only allowed under certain circumstances. According to the American Bar Association, civil appeals do not usually arise as a result of new evidence and/or witnesses. Rather, appeals courts deal with legal errors that may have tainted the decision of a lower court.

Las Vegas McDonald’s shut down by worker protest

Las Vegas companies likely experience employee conflict on a regular basis, many of which can be resolved quickly and quietly. When employee disputes involve large problems, however, such as complaints over wages or the ability to unionize, businesses may find themselves the target of worker protests. These demonstrations can cause unwanted public attention as well as business shut-downs.

What plaintiffs need to prove in product liability lawsuits

For many Las Vegas manufacturing and distribution companies, the safety of their products is a priority. Not only do these businesses wish to keep their brand standards high, they also want to ensure that they do not open themselves up to product liability lawsuits. At the Aldrich Law Firm, we understand that when a company is faced with this type of litigation, its executive management team will want to know exactly what kind of evidence the opposition will need to produce in order to succeed. 

Cognitive distraction caused by hands-free phones

Distracted driving accidents are an issue for many states, including Nevada. In an effort to reduce these types of crashes, some state lawmakers have opted to make handheld cellphone use illegal during motor vehicle operation. These laws are likely based on the presumption that hands-free devices are safer; a study by the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety, however, shows that drivers using hands-free devices can experience cognitive distraction, which comes with its own safety concerns.

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