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June 2013 Archives

University files appeal against allowing lawsuit to proceed

In civil cases in Las Vegas, when either side does not get the ruling they think they deserve at the end of the trial, they have the right to file an appeal to a higher court asking for a review of the decision. In some instances, civil appeals can be filed even before trials begin.

State dismisses chimp attack lawsuit; appeal planned

When it comes to court decisions in Las Vegas, rarely is anything ever final. Lawyers can argue that civil appeals are necessary if the court’s decision was based on a bias or incorrect information or that they did not hear evidence that may have affected the outcome of the case.

Woman injured at concert still awaiting assistance from singer

When people attend a concert, they generally hope to see some great performances and maybe a fun surprise or two. They generally do not expect that they will get seriously injured. But this was the very unwelcome surprise that one woman experienced at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Backyard pools responsible for majority of child drowning

Before people begin enjoying their pools this summer, they should take the time to make sure that they have taken proper safety precautions to protect children on their property. It could not only protect them from a potential personal injury or premises liability suit, it could also save a life.

Singer served breach of contract lawsuit while on stage

When one party sues another, the party initiating the lawsuit generally must notify the other person, business or organization by serving them with notice of the suit. If the defendant is not properly served, it can often get the lawsuit dismissed, so it is important for businesses in Nevada to do it right the first time if possible.

Nevada top court considers expert testimony in CityCenter case

As the business litigation over the failed Harmon Hotel project on the Las Vegas Strip is headed to trial, one of the judge's rulings is being considered by the state's top court. The Nevada Supreme Court heard oral arguments on June 4 over whether an expert witness used by one of the parties acted fairly in assessing whether the general contractor is responsible for problems in the building's structure and materials.

Appeal denied for Las Vegas businessmen who say they were defamed

The Nevada Supreme Court recently ruled that an accounting firm is legally protected from a defamation lawsuit filed by a pair of Las Vegas businessmen. The Court affirmed the lower court's dismissal of the commercial litigation on the theory that the defendant had a legal privilege, even if what they said about the plaintiffs was defamatory.

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