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Car Accidents

Do loud pipes actually save lives?

You see it on bumpers and motorcycle helmet stickers, the proclamation that “Loud pipes save lives!” The premise is that the louder the pipes on the motorcycle, the likelier that the drivers on the roads around the motorcyclists will hear them coming and avert a...

Why 2020 saw a spike in crash fatalities

As a general trend, the number car crash fatalities in the United States keeps declining. For instance, there were more than 51,000 deaths in 1980, but that had dropped to just over 39,000 by 1992. Since then, the number has generally hovered around 35,000 annually,...

Know these causes of big rig crashes

Sharing the roads with semitrucks means that you’re putting your life in the hands of those truckers. Their vehicles are much bigger and heavier than yours, which means that you aren’t likely going to fare well if one slams into you.  Understanding more about what...


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