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October 2014 Archives

Elements of a contract, part 1: The offer

As explained by the University of New Mexico’s Judicial Education Center, four elements must be shown in order to establish a legally binding contract: offer, consideration, acceptance and mutuality. If a Las Vegas plaintiff initiates a legal action alleging breach of contract, that plaintiff must prove that these all exist in order to proceed with the lawsuit.

Dr. Luke sues Kesha for breach of contract

Las Vegas is home to many show business performers as well as their management teams. Often, the interactions between managers and performers are governed by contractual agreements. Should these professional relationships sour due to distrust or one party’s belief that a contract is unfair, contractual litigation may be required to settle the dispute.

Minor v. material breach of contract

Corporations all over the world use contracts as the backbone of their everyday business functions, and Las Vegas companies are no exception. Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute explains that, when such companies become involved in a contract dispute, there are a variety of breach of contract remedies that may enter the equation, including monetary damages and specific performance requirements.

Construction companies may obtain liens for unpaid services

Here at the Aldrich Law Firm, we understand that there are many situations in which construction companies will face disputes involving nonpayment. When our clients are presented with such circumstances, we strive to provide them with the guidance they need to obtain their deserved compensation.

Are there standards of operations for children’s facilities?

The state of Nevada has enacted statutes that speak specifically to standards of operation for children’s facilities. These laws are available to the public through the state legislature’s website. Property owners and managers must make every effort to conform to these regulations, as any lapses in compliance could result in injuries to children, which could in turn lead to personal injury or premises liability lawsuits.  

Tracy Morgan’s limo accident may have ended his career

Las Vegas is a city that draws many celebrities. Not only do they travel there to perform in world-renowned shows, but many of them also consider the area a fun vacation spot. When such celebrities are involved in accidents that leave them without the ability to continue their careers, those who are at fault may be required to pay damages that account for their victims’ lost potential income. Depending on the performer’s earning potential, this may require compensation that stretches into the millions.

HOS Regulations that interstate trucking companies must follow

Some trucking companies allow and even encourage employees to operate business vehicles when they are exhausted. If these employees are involved in an accident in Las Vegas, victims may be able to hold the trucking company liable in personal injury lawsuits. Determining whether a company behaved negligently may involve a review of the company’s adherence to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Hours of Service Regulations.

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