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June 2014 Archives

Las Vegas house fire results in 2 child fatalities

Most Las Vegas residents feel safe when they are in their homes. Unfortunately, accidents can and do occur when people are at home, perhaps even when they are asleep in their own beds. If these accidents can be traced to premises liability or other forms of negligence, the parties responsible can be made to pay compensation to those who have been injured, or to the families of those who suffered wrongful deaths.

Caesars states intention to appeal a federal ruling

Some Las Vegas businesses are able to settle their litigation issues quickly. Many lawsuits, however, can extend for years, particularly if they involve civil appeals. These business lawsuits can be quite different from legal disputes between individuals, as having corporate entities as the plaintiffs and/or defendants can quickly lead to escalated complications of legal issues.

Las Vegas family's van hit by truck; 2-year-old killed

When people go on vacation, they rarely consider the fact that someone in their group could be involved in an accident during the trip. While it would be nice if this was a situation that never arose, there are unfortunately many instances in which Las Vegas residents must deal with serious injuries outside the comfort of their city.

Commercial litigation against Coca-Cola moves forward

Las Vegas businesses must operate in accordance with all relevant state and federal laws and regulations. Sometimes the intersection of two or more statutes can lead to technical legal issues, and in many instances the survival of a lawsuit depends on how courts interpret the interaction of those laws.

Las Vegas woman critically injures passenger, arrested for DUI

When Las Vegas residents hear about personal injury lawsuits stemming from car accidents, many assume that the plaintiff and defendant did not know each other. In some situations, however, the passengers of a car may choose to seek compensation against the driver of the same vehicle if that person’s negligent behavior caused the accident.

Las Vegas' GeoMetWatch sues USU for intellectual property theft

Intellectual property is an important aspect of many Las Vegas businesses. The protection of this valuable information is closely guarded by management and executives, and corporate contracts will usually include provisions that help ensure confidential documents are not compromised. When companies suspect that their intellectual property has been stolen, they may choose to uphold their rights through contract litigation.

Man appeals order prohibiting him from having children

Las Vegas may have a reputation as a vacation spot, but there are also many families who call this city home. When they face family law disputes, they may find it necessary to appeal decisions made by probate or family law judges. These types of cases can quickly become complicated, involving issues like fundamental rights and legal errors.

Las Vegas motorcycle crash leaves man in critical condition

As a city with a great night life and spectacular views, Las Vegas has a fair share of motorcycle enthusiasts. These types of vehicles can be a great way of enjoying the city, but their use can also result in serious injuries to riders in the event of a crash. For this reason, motorcyclists who have been hurt in accidents caused by negligent drivers may choose to seek compensation through civil lawsuits.

Las Vegas car crash leaves 1 dead, 2 injured

For Las Vegas residents who have the misfortune of being involved in a car crash, the long-term impact can be devastating. Sometimes these accidents can lead to lifelong disabilities or deaths, leaving victims and their family members reeling. When this occurs, victims sometimes choose to pursue civil litigation in order to recoup some of their financial losses.

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