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March 2013 Archives

Bank settles investors' class-action suit for $730 million

In some situations, a Nevada business may decide to settle major litigation against it rather than go to trial, even if the business is confident that it is in the right. Even if a business believes it would prevail in court, the potential expense of continuing the litigation could make that a less-than-great business decision. That is what Citigroup is saying is the reasoning behind its decision to settle a class-action lawsuit for $730 million on March 18.

Medical technology firm accuses competitor of poaching employees

Certain jobs in Las Vegas come with an employment contract. When the person leave the company, certain provisions in the contract may follow them. Examples of this could include a non-compete clause or other provisions designed to protect the business from being harmed by the former employee's knowledge of company secrets and contacts with clients.

Henderson settles with 2 members of failed arena complex deal

In our previous post, we discussed negotiations between attorneys for the City of Henderson and the real estate developer to settle the city's litigation related to a proposed series of sports arenas on a 485-acre plot of federally-owned land. City officials accused the developer and his team of attorneys and other advisors of plotting to sell the land, which it bought with the city's help, to residential developers at a profit.

Settlement talks between Henderson and sports complex developer

Indications are that the city of Henderson is working on settling its commercial litigation against the man who proposed to build a $1 billion series of sports arenas. As we have previously discussed in this business dispute blog, construction never began on the complex of arenas and city officials accused the developer of secretly trying to flip the land, which he purchased for $10.5 million with the city's help, to residential builders at a profit.

Appeal denied for professor who claimed political discrimination

An appeal filed by a law school instructor against the school alleging that the school discriminated against her due to her political beliefs has been rejected by the federal court. The instructor had lost on one count at trial and the jury failed to reach a verdict on another. She claimed in her appeal that the court made an unreasonable error at the end of the trial, but the appellate court disagreed.

Sands Corp. admits 'likely violations' of foreign business law

In an announcement that could affect three cases of business litigation, Las Vegas Sands Corp. said on March 1 that it was "likely" that its branch in Macau violated U.S. federal law in its dealings there. Sands is facing investigations by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice over potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, as well as a wrongful termination lawsuit from the former CEO of Sands China over that conduct, so this admission could have a serious impact.

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