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November 2013 Archives

Supreme Court ruling could affect future securities class actions

Organizations in Las Vegas and across the nation may be affected by the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision to hear a securities class action case. This civil appeals matter stems from supposed impropriety by Halliburton Co., an oilfield services company.

Lawsuit regarding hospital's financial breakdown dismissed

The most recent recession hit many Las Vegas establishments hard. For some, business slowed down, while others had to close their doors for good. All throughout the country the negative economic effects were felt. While conditions have been improving in many parts of the country, some individuals are still struggling with complications caused by the recession.

2 trapped under improperly secured construction wall

Accidents happen, there is no doubt about that; however, sometimes people are injured in Las Vegas as a result of the negligent actions of others. This generally leads to a painful recovery, expensive medical bills and lost wages. In order to seek the compensation needed to cover such damages, turning to an attorney to file a civil litigation lawsuit is often necessary.

Fraud awareness helps businesses spot problems

Starting November 3rd, International Fraud Awareness Week helped Las Vegas business owners and workers remain cognizant of the prevalence of fraud, and helped educate individuals on how to both identify and prevent it from happening in the workplace.

Appeal over business development temporarily halts expansion

The majority of new businesses in Las Vegas and across the nation are welcomed to the community with open arms. That’s because they bolster the economy and provide jobs. However, every so often a business will set up shop and send a few city residents in a frenzy.

Owner dispute regarding theft a matter for the courts, cops say

Business relationships are some of the most complex. They are forged on a common goal to succeed, as well as a deep sense of trust that all parties will have the best interests of the company at heart. In many cases, financial disputes or unsteady personal relationships can fracture a Las Vegas organization’s foundation in severe ways and threaten the future of the business.

Man says spinal cord injury is due to hospital fall, jury agrees

Property owners in Las Vegas have an obligation to maintain their premises and keep it free of hazards that could lead to injury of some kind. When they put patrons in harm’s way, they could face civil litigation to address personal injury and premises liability claims.

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