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December 2012 Archives

Instagram photo use flap leads to class action lawsuit

Readers in Nevada may have heard that Instagram, the online photo sharing service, may have heard that the company recently changed its terms of service. Many users believed at the time that the changes mean that Facebook, Instagram's parent company, will begin using people's pictures in advertising without getting their permission or compensating them. Instagram has denied that it will sell photos to advertising companies, but the controversy has already led to civil litigation filed by a user.

Class action lawsuit says that landfill is dousing residents in stench

Readers in Las Vegas may be interested to hear about a new class action lawsuit filed on behalf of several residents of another state. The residents say that they are sick of the terrible stench emanating from an area landfill and its operators' lack of action to control it. There have been about 3,000 complaints about the smell coming from the landfill and into nearby neighborhoods, and although only six people have signed onto the lawsuit so far, it is likely that the eligible class in this civil litigation will include many more residents.

Las Vegas woman convicted of mortgage fraud, gets prison time

A real estate agent from Las Vegas was ordered on Dec. 19 to serve nearly six years in prison for using straw buyers to collect more than $10 million in mortgages. The agent, 58, was convicted of several counts of fraud in May. A number of people were reportedly forced to declare bankruptcy due to the scheme, and it is not clear whether the defendant will face any civil litigation.

How to prevent employee slip and fall injuries in Las Vegas

Most employers in Las Vegas know that slip and fall injuries suffered at their premises can be costly in terms of personal injury settlements. Also a problem for business owners is when employees are injured in slip and fall accidents. Injured employees may miss time from work as they recover and may require workers' compensation. Certain workplaces, specifically in the retail and wholesale industries, are at particular risk for workers to slip and fall on the job, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Cellphone apps investigated for possible child privacy concerns

The federal government is looking into the issue of whether children's privacy rights in Nevada and elsewhere are being respected by companies which market cellphone apps. If such privacy rights are being violated, it could lead to commercial litigation against the app developers. The concern is that many such apps could be gathering personal information from users of apps, subsequently selling the data gathered to data brokers or advertisers.

Las Vegas taxi union votes to strike after rejecting contract

One of the largest taxi driver unions in Southern Nevada has voted to go on strike starting Dec. 16 unless it and the Yellow-Checker-Star cab company can reach an agreement on a new employment contract by then. The vote came after a fairly surprising rejection of an earlier agreement between union leaders and the company. A representative of the union described the results of the latest vote by members as "overwhelming."

Las Vegas game maker fights back in bank lawsuit

The CEO of Galaxy Gaming Inc., a Las Vegas maker of tabletop casino games, has posted a letter to the company's website giving his side of the story in litigation brought by Bank of America. The suit accuses Galaxy of fraud for allegedly transferring ownership of the company's headquarters, which serves as collateral for a $1.1 million business loan for which Bank of America is a creditor.

Trial dates set in litigation over failed CityCenter project

Two civil lawsuits related to the unfinished CityCenter casino and resort on the Las Vegas Strip have been scheduled to commence, though the trial dates are not for many months. The Clark County District Court judge overseeing the litigation set a June 2013 trial date for one case and the second will not begin until January 2014 at the earliest.

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