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Month: April 2015

What is breach of fiduciary duty?

In Nevada, boards of directors, lawyers, and other people or groups are often given the responsibility to act on behalf of another person, business or organization. When this includes the care of funds or property, these responsibilities are generally known as...

Reasons for re-opening a case

You may have gone into a court battle initially believing that your first verdict would be it. This is a very common misconception when it comes to court battles revolving around commercial or civil litigation. However, if you have a reason to contest the verdict that...

Understanding the role of the EEOC

At the Aldrich Law Firm, we understand how hard it is to build and maintain a business. We know that our clients have gained their entrepreneurial success not through luck, but through hard work, determination and treating their employees fairly. As such, when these...

Las Vegas pedestrian killed in car crash

Car accidents are not just a concern for those who are in vehicles. Dangerous drivers can cause accidents that hurt people who are just crossing the street or standing on a sidewalk. If a Las Vegas pedestrian is killed in such an accident, that person’s relatives may...

What is a trade secret?

Trade secrets are the cornerstones of many Nevada companies. As such, many business owners are greatly concerned with protecting these assets. Naturally, this often involves a desire fully understand the legal definition of this type of intellectual property.According...

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