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November 2015 Archives

Know what to include in a confidentiality agreement

Most businesses in Nevada have certain items that they want to keep secret. At Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we know that the tricks to your trade can be what set you apart from your competition. Though there are laws in place to protect your intellectual property, you might want to consider exploring the option of a confidentiality agreement. If you construct these properly, they can give you additional protection and peace of mind.

Common types of fraud can harm your small business

Last year, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Inc., released a report regarding how business fraud can affect a business in Las Vegas and across the country. The report revealed that the most common type of occupational fraud is asset misappropriation, which accounts for 85 percent of the cases the organization analyzed. However, though it was the most prevalent, it was also the least costly. The ACFE determined that the median financial loss associated with asset misappropriations was $130,000.

Why arbitration may be best for an international business dispute

Even when two businesses at odds share the same language, culture and country, litigation can pose complex problems. In addition to how time-consuming it can be to go to court, the process can easily chip away at a company’s revenue. As far as international disputes are concerned, litigation in a foreign country often means comparing at least two different sets of laws. Further, enforcing any subsequent judgments can be difficult.

What are the penalties for deceptive trade practices in Nevada?

If you own a business in Nevada, it is imperative to understand the laws that govern how you market your product or services. The state has enacted a comprehensive set of deceptive trade practices laws that address a range of issues as well as define penalties that will be assessed in the event of a violation.

Understanding contributory negligence law in Nevada

Whether you are on the receiving end of a personal injury lawsuit or if you are a victim of negligence, you should be aware that Nevada operates under a contributory negligence model. At Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we have a history of successfully representing clients through such claims. We know how important it is to ascertain exactly who was at fault for the incident – and how much to blame each party may be.

Copyright infringement suit costs Las Vegas firm $50 million

A copyright is a form of protection put in place to preserve someone’s intellectual property. For example, a company or individual in Las Vegas may secure a copyright to ensure no one else can use its original works of art, such as music, writing or computer software. As a recent lawsuit demonstrates, infringing on someone else’s copyright can be costly.

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