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March 2017 Archives

Older adults and fall risks

Falling can be traumatic for anyone, but seniors who are already concerned about mobility may feel especially worried that an accident could strip them of their independence permanently. By identifying risk factors, those over the age of 65 may be able to eliminate or reduce threats and approach life more confidently.

What goes into an appellate brief

After a Nevada judge’s ruling, a person who is not satisfied with the decision may be able to make an appeal. According to the United States Courts, the issues usually stem from the belief that the court did not apply the law correctly, made the ruling based on the wrong law or conducted the trial in an unfair way. The petitioner who is filing for an appeal must provide the appellate court with a brief that outlines what his or her case is. In spite of the name, a brief is often a long and complex legal document.

Third party sexual harassment and your employees

Taking care of your Nevada employees is important, not just so you meet all the federal and state requirements, but also to protect your talent and keep professionals from leaving your organization. Crafting detailed contracts, policies and procedures helps, but sometimes, a threat can come from outside your realm of authority. We at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., understand the measures companies should take to prevent sexual harassment from third parties, and frequently provide advice about what employers should do when it occurs.

What is your car trying to tell you?

The newer your vehicle is, the more likely you are to have numerous onboard safety features to prevent accidents on Las Vegas roads. According to Consumer Reports, the marketing information that may have given you your first impression of the computer systems included in your vehicle may not have explained the whole picture. Not only that, these programs vary significantly from one make and model to the next. This makes it essential for you to do your research so you can respond correctly to your car’s system when it alerts you to an issue.

Factors that may affect your homeowners insurance premiums

From natural disasters to theft, fires and other damage to your property, the risk of losing your personal belongings or your home in Las Vegas is a real threat. This is where homeowners insurance comes in, and purchasing this type of policy is something that you should take seriously. We at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., have advised many homeowners on the finer points of insurance coverage.

Are you unhappy with a probate decision?

After the death of your loved one in Nevada, the court reviews his or her will to make sure that it is valid. This process, known as probate, is standard legal procedure. However, if the probate commissioner or judge’s final decision is not one that you are satisfied with, you may be considering an appeal. According to Nevada Lawyer magazine, new issues appearing in probate court along with a greater number of cases has led many to contest probate decisions.

Best practices for a safe motorcycle group ride

Even though a motorcycle only seats two, many motorcyclists enjoy the open roads of Nevada together. The safety rules for a group ride are significantly different from passenger vehicle caravans, and new riders need to understand the basics before they hit the road together.

Mechanic’s liens: what you should know

Working in the construction industry, you have challenges to your bottom line that other entrepreneurs and businesspeople may not ever face. For example, once you win the bid on a job, you rely on your contract with the property owner to ensure that you receive payment for the completed work, but once you have completed it, there is always the possibility that you will not be paid on time, or at all. The team at Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., understands the risk that a contractor faces in these situations, and we have assisted many in filing mechanic’s liens to recover payment.

Types of post-trial motions

When you receive a judgment in your civil case that favors the other party, it is not necessarily the end of the line. There are many circumstances that could provide you with the opportunity to achieve the results that you believe are just and fair. We at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., are well-versed in the types of post-trial motions that may be available to those who want a second opinion.

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