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August 2014 Archives

Should companies protect inventions as trade secrets or patents?

As noted by the World Intellectual Property Organization, there is no simple answer to the question of whether inventors should protect their processes as trade secrets or with patents. Las Vegas entrepreneurs who are confronted with this issue should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages for both before establishing their corporate intellectual property strategies.

Rapper sued for breach of contract

Las Vegas is a city full of world-renowned shows, five-star restaurants and fashionable nightclubs. Positive publicity is a big part of the success of these ventures, and many businesses will spend substantial sums to ensure that they market their products appropriately. When celebrities are contracted to lend their star presences at marketing events but do not fulfill their agreed-upon duties, they may face contract litigation.

The pros and cons of protecting an invention as a patent

Many businesses seek to protect their inventions via patents, as is evidenced by the fact that the United States Patent and Trademark Office received over 600,000 patent applications in 2013 alone. This type of intellectual property protection, however, may not be appropriate for every situation. There are a number of pros and cons to patent ownership, all of which Las Vegas entrepreneurs may want to review prior to filing a patent application.

Actress expected to appeal child custody decision

Family law issues such as child custody, visitation rights and child support payments can be difficult to navigate. Las Vegas families who choose to resolve these legal matters through litigation may find that the process requires one or more civil appeals.

The pros and cons of protecting an invention as a trade secret

New inventions have served as the foundations of countless successful businesses, both in Las Vegas and throughout the country. Many executives who are charged with protecting these inventions may be drawn to trade secret classification, as this category of intellectual property protection is very accessible. However, trade secrets also have disadvantages, and corporate management may want to consider these before committing to any final decisions.

Fatal Henderson worksite accident leaves family devastated

Many manufacturing facilities in Las Vegas require workers to engage in activities that are dangerous unless safety measures are in place. When employees are killed as a result of a worksite accident that could have been prevented by employers, the families of the deceased workers may have the right to pursue civil litigation.

General partnerships: Easily created, but carry high liability

According to the most recent statistical information from the Internal Revenue Service, there are nearly 600,000 general partnerships in the United States. Las Vegas entrepreneurs who would like to structure their business ventures as general partnerships, however, should consider not only the benefits of this type of organization, but also its accompanying potential liabilities.

Fatal Las Vegas car accident caused by DUI driver

For most Las Vegas residents, engaging with public roadways is often an unavoidable part of life. Because of this, those who choose to drink and drive place not only other drivers in danger, but also anyone who has the misfortune of being nearby. When DUI drivers cause serious accidents that impact people who were on the sidewalk or engaged in roadside work, the victims may try to gain compensation via civil litigation.

Las Vegas woman killed in 9-vehicle crash

As a large U.S. city, Las Vegas has several major roadways crossing through or near it. These highways and interstates are a vital part of the local economy, as they allow for quick and efficient transportation. However, they can also be quite dangerous, as the sheer number of vehicles on these roads can quickly escalate one person’s driving error into a significant, multi-vehicle crash. When this occurs, the victims of these accidents may choose to pursue civil litigation.

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