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July 2013 Archives

Wayne Newton sued for dispute with former employee

Wayne Newton is known as one of the most enduring entertainers in Las Vegas. The singer is currently facing a serious legal challenge from a former employee who claims that Newton was dishonest about her conduct. As a result, the former employee has filed a defamation suit against Newton.

Store owner sues business with similar name

The goal of nearly every business owner in Las Vegas, especially those in the retail market space, is to have his or her business become a household name, easily recognized by anyone who hears it. It becomes problematic when a new company uses a similar name to an already established business, especially when the two are close in proximity.

Drunk driver sentenced to 14 years in fatal car accident

When a person chooses to drink and drive in Las Vegas, he often does so with the mistaken belief that he is only putting himself at risk. However, this is just not the case. Far too often it is the other motorists on the road that suffer the consequences.

Boss hit with sex discrimination for firing attractive employee

As a business owner in Las Vegas, being hit with a discrimination claim by a current or former employee can be a serious issue. This type of business litigation has the potential not only to cost you your reputation, but your entire business and livelihood as well.

Supreme Court overturns $21 million product liability judgment

Generic drugs are low-cost alternatives to what can be quite costly name-brand drugs. They contain the same active ingredients and are required by the FDA to have the same pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics properties. A generic drug can be legally manufactured when the original patent for the name-brand drug has expired.

Employee sues McDonald's franchise owner over payment method

Payroll cards are an increasingly popular way for employers in Las Vegas and around the country to pay their employees. These cards can be an attractive option for employers who are looking to cut costs associated with handing out paper checks. They may also be advantageous for employees, especially those without a bank account. A payroll card may provide employees with a faster and safer way of getting paid than a traditional check can. Employees can typically use the card just like they would a credit or debit card.

Man falls asleep at work, sues former employer

Business owners in Las Vegas rely on their employees to putting in an honest day’s work. In turn, they provide their employees with an honest day’s wages. When an employee shirks his duty and does not live up to the standards set by the employer, he or she is violating that trust. Under these circumstances, an employer has the right to dismiss that employee.

Las Vegas stripper charged with DUI in fatal car accident

Many people who choose to drink and drive in Las Vegas do so under the mistaken belief that they are only putting themselves at risk or that they aren’t impaired enough to affect their driving. Sadly, this just isn’t the case and this kind of thinking can put others on or near the roadway at risk.

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