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March 2014 Archives

Google/Viacom settlement may illustrate future of IP disputes

Intellectual property laws are struggling to keep up pace with the mercurial nature of information on the Internet. In many instances, conventional attitudes toward patents, trademarks and copyrights do not seem to fit well with the new ways that Internet technology and businesses intersect. For this reason, Las Vegas companies may begin to see the need to take a more conciliatory view toward intellectual property rights, rather than constantly initiating business litigation.

Elderly woman crashes truck into Las Vegas grocery store

Las Vegas is a populous city, particularly in areas that cater to its flourishing tourism and casino industries. With the benefits of this dense population, however, come certain dangers. One of these is the increased chance of a car accident injuring a large number of people if it occurs in a crowded area, such as a downtown street or a busy parking lot. In situations such as these, big groups of people can be injured when a single person loses control of his vehicle, which can in turn spawn numerous civil litigation suits.

Defects in GM vehicles linked to 12 deaths

When a major car manufacturer conducts a large-scale recall it can affect people across the country, including Las Vegas residents. Sometimes these auto defects are caught early and the proper preventive measures are taken to ensure that no one is hurt. Unfortunately, there are also situations in which one or more injuries or wrongful deaths occur before a problem is addressed. When incidents such as these arise, the victims may wish to pursue personal injury claims against negligent companies in order to receive appropriate compensation.

Las Vegas employment suit draws attention from federal agencies

As a city that is home to many corporations with international presences, Las Vegas has its share of high-stakes, acrimonious international business disputes. If the parties involved choose to take legal action against one another, it can lead to years of complex civil litigation claims, and these proceedings can require the disclosure of various kinds of evidence. Sometimes these include confidential business communications regarding strategies and financial information, which can draw unwanted attention from federal agencies.

Las Vegas authorities investigating serious car crash

Las Vegas has an international reputation as a fun, bustling city. This is beneficial to its residents in many ways, but one of the side effects of this is that car accidents are a common occurrence, even in the early hours of the day or very late in the evening. When these are caused by the negligent actions of a person or company, the injured party can choose to pursue civil litigation to receive appropriate compensation.

MGM settles complaint of drugs and prostitution at Mandalay Bay

Even when a business is not directly involved in criminal activity, Nevada authorities may seek to hold it responsible for crimes that take place on its property. Businesses that are large and open to the public, such as casinos on the Strip, may struggle to keep themselves clean of prostitution and illegal drugs. But as they say, in many cases an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Las Vegas inventor's patents could impact entire tech industry

In the world of technological intellectual property, the stakes are high and the payouts substantial. Las Vegas, as the home to world-class entertainment shows and cutting-edge businesses, sees its fair share of these types of business disputes. Often these cases involve the unlicensed use of a patented product or a copyrighted work, but in some instances it is a battle over whether something is in fact a protected piece of intellectual property. In cases such as these, an inventor’s intellectual property dispute over a patent may lead to litigation against the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Las Vegas hit-and-run accident leaves one man seriously injured

The ability to drive a car is taken for granted by many Las Vegas residents. Because it is so common for a person to get into his vehicle and drive somewhere, it is can be easy to take lightly the responsibility that comes with this privilege. Those who do not take this responsibility seriously enough to remain at the scene of a car accident they caused may face serious civil litigation suits.

Las Vegas psychiatric hospital may face class-action suit

As in all major cities, the issue of dealing appropriately with those in need of psychiatric care is a complicated problem for Las Vegas. If psychiatric patients are placed in treatment with a health institution run by the city or state, and are found to have suffered civil rights violation while under this care, the patients and their families may choose to bring civil suits in order to receive compensation for their injuries.

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