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January 2017 Archives

Safety of America’s favorite sport once again under scrutiny

The 2015 motion picture Concussion brought to light a grave concern that threatens football players of all skills and levels. Disturbing statistics and research have revealed that a large number of those who played football during high school, college and professionally have suffered from numerous concussions and are at a significant risk of developing a degenerative brain disease, which may cause symptoms similar to early-onset dementia and eventually result in death. Football players in Nevada and elsewhere may suffer from other debilitating injuries, in addition to head trauma.

Understanding copyright, patent and trademark differences

At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we assist business owners in Las Vegas with their intellectual property needs. Intellectual property is a broad term that can encompass numerous aspects of your business. From the logo on the sign on your company’s building to the software and inventions that are a part of your products and services, these elements of intellectual property may be protected by law from infringement.

Can a pharmacist mistake result in serious harm?

Your pharmacist is the last shield you have before you are given a potentially harmful medication. It is vital to you and other Las Vegas residents to receive the accurate medication, dosage and instructions by your pharmacist before you go home with your medicine. Even the smallest mistake by a pharmacist or technician can result in your condition not being treated properly, as well as potentially life-threatening consequences.

The potential consequences of not filing taxes

Depending on whether one owes taxes at the end of the year or is expecting a tax return, tax season can be a dreaded or anticipated time for Las Vegas residents. Filing taxes may be especially complicated for those who own their own businesses or work as independent contractors. It is up to the self-employed, who do not receive a W-2 form from employers, to accurately handle their taxes in a timely manner before April 15.

Steps to protect yourself if your car is in a flood

The recent weather throughout Nevada and California has been unusual and frightening this time of year. Northern areas have received record amounts of snow, to be followed by heavy rains and serious flooding. If there is anything this winter has taught us at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., it is to expect the unexpected. This is also true for areas that typically do not see this type of weather.

What do NV employers need to know about sending out Form W-2?

For many employees in Las Vegas and across the country, this is the start of the tax return season. Beginning about now, your employees may be anxiously awaiting their Form W-2 so they can file their tax returns. For others, this time of year is not quite so anticipated. Preparing the necessary paperwork and distributing forms to employees is a necessary hassle that every employer must undergo.

Many common repetitive injuries preventable at work

Whether you employ office personnel or skilled laborers at your Las Vegas business, there is always the chance of injury, as our team at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., is well aware of. As outlined in previous posts, many workplace injuries involve such accidents as falls or mishaps with equipment. It is also common for repetitive movements that your employees regularly perform to result in a long-term injury or disability. Fortunately, many of these types of injuries may be preventable if you invest in the proper precautions and training procedures.

What is tortious interference of contract?

Contracts are an important element of your Las Vegas business. They can affect everything from your employees’ job descriptions to doing business with third parties. If a contract is breached, it can negatively affect your business. In some cases, contracts are broken by accident – the other party might not understand the terms of a contract or could mistakenly make a business decision without regard to an existing agreement with your company. In these cases, an accidental contract breach might be easily rectified. In other instances, however, someone might purposefully break a contract or interfere with another party’s business with you. If this happens, you might have cause to take legal action.

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