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October 2013 Archives

Land dispute continues after appellate court ruling

By the mere nature of court matters, one or more parties will inevitably lose their claims. Las Vegas individuals who feel that they were not given a fair chance in court can file a civil appeals case and take their issues to a higher court of law. This is exactly what one group in Michigan did when a judge told them that they could only use their privately owned property with specific limitations.

Intellectual property dispute made over power station software

Las Vegas businesses are no strangers to lawsuits. Time and again, companies are tasked with the responsibility of defending their interests. When someone takes intellectual property that doesn’t belong to them, it can be the cause of a great loss to the organization that developed the product.

Trucking company says acquisition of USA Truck violated contract

Confidentiality agreements are meant to protect Las Vegas businesses from being harmed. They prevent those who sign the contract from disclosing important and restricted information to a third party. Individuals or companies who fail to honor the terms of their agreement may face claims against them in a court of law.

Lawsuit alleges company knowingly exposed workers to asbestos

Asbestos was used for years by commercial and residential homebuilders in Las Vegas and nationwide due to its inexpensive cost, ability to absorb sound, and fire and heat-resistant nature. Unfortunately, asbestos is also now well-known for causing serious health issues to those who come in contact with it, and has been the source of countless civil litigation lawsuits. The thin asbestos fibers are easily inhaled and have been known to cause mesothelioma, lung cancer and lung disease.

Woman wins right to present civil appeals claims against Skype

Many aspects of business are all about the fine print and correctly interpreting the terms of conditions presented. In many cases a Las Vegas business owner can advertise something in order to get the attention of consumers, and follow those statements up with a disclaimer that slightly skews the initial claim. This can be a perfectly legal tactic, but if taken too far it may be considered unlawful.

Non-profit sues loan mod companies for fraud against homeowners

The economic downturn a few years ago left many Las Vegas homeowners overextended and on the brink of foreclosure. Loan modification companies assisted those individuals by renegotiating the terms of their mortgages so that the property owner could stay in their home. However, a plethora of deceptive companies also popped up aiming to take advantage of individuals who were desperate to save their homes.

Retired pitcher claims adviser tied his money up in Ponzi scheme

The saying, “Money makes money,” perfectly sums up what the world of financial management is all about. Las Vegas financial advisors are known to take clients’ current assets and help maintain them, as well as actively work on creating more wealth. However, at times those managing large sums of money step outside their indicated role and act unlawfully in order to get personal gain.

Las Vegas woman hospitalized after a pit bull attack

Pets bring an interesting and fun aspect to life. Many are loveable, friendly and loyal; however, it is that loyalty to their owner and their home that can cause great issues for some when a dog acts aggressively to defend their property. Every year, millions of people are bitten by dogs. In many instances, the homeowner will fervently assert that the animal is really very pleasant. Whether the accident is due to lack of training or is an isolated occurrence, in most cases Las Vegas pet owners are liable for damages that occur when their dog attacks, and they may have to face civil litigation lawsuits as a result.

Solar plant allegedly sells Chinese panels as American-made

When it comes to consumer industries, countless individuals prefer buying all-American. In fact, many Las Vegas shoppers will only spend their money on American-made goods because they feel that it is a benefit to our nation by increasing job security and stimulating the economy. For manufacturing companies, advertising on a “Made in the USA” platform can be a successful way to promote a product and gain loyal customers.

Appeals court overturns dismissal of 63 pollution injury suits

While the civil justice system is certainly very effective, at times it can be flawed. Individuals in Las Vegas who seek the court’s assistance in resolving a matter may find that they don’t receive an outcome that they feel is fair. For that reason, the appeals court is set up to give people another shot at presenting their case and working toward justice.

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