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November 2017 Archives

Which body parts are most vulnerable in a motorcycle crash?

You know you should put on your helmet and safety gear before you hit the streets of Las Vegas on your motorcycle. Once you have your gear on, you have reduced the risk of severe injury in a crash. However, based on statistics reported by RideApart.com, the data gathered do not necessarily indicate how much you have lowered your chances of an injury or fatality.

When an appeal goes through the settlement conference program

A person who is unhappy with the decision of a trial court in Nevada may decide to appeal. However, that does not necessarily mean that the case will end up before the appellate court or Supreme Court. According to the Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure, a settlement conference program administrator will review the case, and may decide that it should be redirected to that program rather than proceeding in the appellate court.

What is double check fraud?

When you hear the term "double check" fraud, you may think it sounds like something that is examined twice. In fact, if you do have two accountants checking the books for your Nevada company, it may be very difficult for either of them to get away with this type of fraud. Forbes magazine explains that it involves writing two checks for a single expense

Types of payroll fraud

You hire people to work in your Nevada business who you believe are the best for the job. However, even the person with the most skill may be the wrong one, and an untrustworthy employee can cost you. At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., our attorneys have experience protecting companies against a variety of payroll fraud practices.

Using mediation for intellectual property disputes

People facing intellectual property disputes in Nevada may find that mediation is a better method than litigation. The subject matter surrounding IP cases can be technical and challenging to fight, and alternative dispute methods are commonly recommended for both parties.

Who is liable for the Vegas shootings?

People in Nevada and all over the country are still mourning the loss of lives from the mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay in October. As the shock begins to wear off, people are looking for answers and want somebody to be held accountable. Arguments on whether the hotel will be held liable are being tossed around, and opinions differ.

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