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July 2015 Archives

What should a non-compete agreement include?

A non-compete agreement is an effective tool if you are looking for a way to protect your business. According to The Daily Record, the number of such agreements in Nevada and across the country is on the rise, as is contract litigation surrounding the documents. Understanding the components of these agreements will help ensure that you will be protected in court.

Defining business embezzlement and the harm it can cause

When a company puts someone in charge of handling large amounts of money or other significant assets, it can be devastating if that person is not trustworthy. Unfortunately, many Las Vegas businesses are harmed by unscrupulous employees who are more interested in their own gain than in the best interests of the companies they work for. This type of business fraud is known as embezzlement. The lawyers at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd. have a deep understanding of the ways in which your business may be harmed by an embezzler.

Restaurant company settles till shortfall lawsuit with employees

Employees in every state, including Nevada, have laws that protect them from having wages their unfairly taken or from receiving less than the minimum wage. However, there are still some employers who try to get away with unlawfully paying employees less than they are entitled to. This is especially common when they believe employees do not fully understand their rights. When workers’ paychecks are short, there is the possibility of a wage-related business dispute arising.

Nevada worker killed at pipeline construction accident

Many employees in Las Vegas, as well as the rest of the country, work dangerous jobs in which accidents are not uncommon. Those who work in other, seemingly safer, professions might also get hurt at work. Many job-related accidents could have been prevented if certain safety measures had been enforced and observed.

Understanding some of the most common appellate words and terms

The civil appeals system may seem complicated for those who are not very familiar with legal terms. Court processes come with a multitude of terminology that you may have heard of, but might not fully understand how they relate to each other. Fortunately, at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., our lawyers have a full understanding of the civil and appellate processes in Nevada. We are willing to answer your questions regarding common court terminology and phrasing so you never go into a courtroom feeling unprepared.

BLM request for VIP compound may raise Burning Man permit costs

Laws and procedures exist regarding government property for many reasons. In some cases, the property in question is a wilderness area that needs to be protected from environmental damage. In other instances, laws are there to keep the public safe. There are many natural areas surrounding Las Vegas and across the state of Nevada that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors. However, these areas need to be respected and protected so future generations can enjoy them as well. Understanding that state and federal laws are in place for a reason, there are still numerous opportunities for disputes between businesses and government entities.

What are deceptive trade practices in advertising?

When you are persuaded to buy a product or service, it is often because of word of mouth or the product’s reputation. Advertisement can also have a great deal to do with swaying your mind as a customer. Marketing and advertisement is a vital part of any Las Vegas company’s operations if its owners wish to reach a broad audience.

Does PTSD count in a personal injury case?

Car accidents are terrifying, traumatic events, especially if you’ve been injured. After a serious crash, you might find yourself suffering from a variety of symptoms that can dramatically affect you during your daily life. If you have nightmares, flashbacks, persistent feelings of anxiety and other alarming symptoms related to the crash, you might have post-traumatic stress disorder. This condition affects millions of people across the country, including in Las Vegas, who have suffered a personal injury or traumatic event.

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